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  1. ....thank you for the good advices, I will try it... Regards from germany Juergen
  2. Hallo, As I told some time ago I own a 1930 big six serie 64c. I have some troubles with "afterrunning" or " dieseling", hope I use the correct words. When I switch off the ignition, the engine still runs on a few times. Engine tuning is correct I guess. Where I must seek for the problem, what is your opinion ? Thank you for every info Regards from germany Juergen
  3. ...thank you Bob, I will do it in this way, your explantation was very helpfull. Juergen
  4. Hallo, as I told, I was looking for a new timing gear for my 1933 Serie 66S, I got a NOS part from hagens autoparts. There is a one mark (0) on a tooth. We are not sure how to fit the gear, how must be the position of the crankshaft gear, the timing gear and the gear for dynamo/ waterpump and distributor. I am afraid we dont find the right valve timing. Please I am looking for help and a explanation how to do this, I will beware any mistake. Please excuse my bad english. Regards from germany Juergen
  5. ...many thanks for the infos, I will try it, Hagens autoparts has it also in his list, but very expensive, will see what works. Hershey is unfortunately so far away, I am not there, by the way my dad is 94 years old and in better condition as my Buick now... thank you and regards from germany Juergen
  6. Hallo Leif, thank you for the info, do you have an idea where I can get one , perhaps in sweden ? Juergen
  7. Hallo, I am in great distress and need your help. The timing gear of my 1933 Serie 60 is broken and I need a new one. I called Bob he has it in his pdf-catalogue but not in stock it is not available. If somebody has a timing gear for the 1933 Serie 60 please let me know I would buy it. Hope somebody out there can help me. Best regards from germany Juergen
  8. Hallo Bob, this was my idea too, I will follow your advice....thank you.... Juergen
  9. Hallo, was not in the forum a long time, as you perhaps remember I own a 1933 Serie 66s, unfortunately I have some loss of transmission oil at the connection between gearbox and universal joint cardanshaft. The shop manual says: "An oilproof packing gland fitted at the rear of the universal joint to prevent oil leakage. The gland is adjustable and may be tightened to compensate for wear." I looked at this part, but I dont know how to adjust the gland. Have I to take apart the torque tube and the rear axle ?? Thank you for every advice Regards from germany Juergen
  10. Hallo Juergen my name is Juergen too, I live in germany near Frankfurt. I have old Buick since several years, I have a 1933 Serie 66s and a 1930 Serie 64c, which is now in the collection of a friend of mine.If you want we can come in touch and share our informations, prewar Buicks you see not very often in germany. Send me a pm my email is juewamue@freenet.de Regards from Frankfurt Juergen
  11. ...thank you all, it is a great help for me... Regards. Juergen
  12. Hallo, I am going to do a complete service on my 66S and I will refill the shock absorbers, but I am not sure what kind of oil I have to use. In the shop manual I found the description "shock absorber oil" but there are different sorts of oil here on the market. I would be pleased about an advice what kind of oil I can use, I will make no mistake. Thank you for every advice Regards from germany Juergen
  13. ...the plate on the back looks well, I think the inside burned out... Dont know why the wiring is restored. Juergen
  14. Hallo Phil,Yes, it is not for the Trippe speed lights, it is only a bar for two Medallions about the 200 year USA in 1979, one from West Virginia the other from Texas , but professional made. I will keep it at this place. Juergen
  15. Hallo Grant, it is funny, my house is 15 km from Bruchkoebel, I like the US-coupes of the early thirties, I have also a 1932 Hudson GREATER Eight Special Coupe in my small collection. How long are your neighbours living in new zealand ? Regards. Juergen
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