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  1. <span style="font-weight: bold">Thanks to eveyone in clarifing just what it was I have here....</span> Now unfortunately I have fallen on hard time and must sell before I even get started So if there are any north western readers interested, let me know. Lots of Pictures
  2. Thanks for that information Keiser. From the looks of those pictures of the '26 Dodge 1/2 ton (odd roofline and door shape)and the info from Bill-W the units that came from the factory to body/truck builders where cabs to the cowl/windsheild only. I think there is little doubt this was the handy work of a backyard handyman.
  3. You mentioned you have other sizes. I'm looking for wood or disc 21"
  4. Hi Bill. I can't say if it is a Canadian or US build vehicle. I would assume US because I bought it in North Dakota. Who knows though? I've been trolling around the forum trying to learn about VIN numbers, engine and chassis numbers and such. As you may have noticed in one of the pictures I posted there is a number stamped into the firewall. I'm sure it must be a chassis number. Someone out there would know??? There is also a small 2"x3" plaque to the right of it that is rusted beyond recognition that I guess may have some other sort of number on it. (Vehicle Identifications Number) ?????
  5. So I'm going out to take a few pictures of.... I don't know whether to call her a truck or car but for now...her. When I get to know her a little better I'll give her a name. Well Kieser I would agree the double runner board steps, one being exactly where the back seat door would have been, is a sure giveaway. There is no doubt she was a sedan in a former life. I'm interested to know that there were in fact building trucks in 1926, Bill. Bill your in my area I see (Western Canada), if there are any local resources you think may help I would appreciate it. So I wonder why the conversion. The idea that cars got converted so that they would be eligible for more gas rationing during the war is an interesting observation Jack. I guess that would have been '40/'41 to '45. Thanks for the idea Jan. I'm going to call the auto wreckers today about getting some space saver tires. So Dave that is exactly what I have decided to do. One thing that concerns me are the brakes. I’m sure there is a ton of experience amongst you all on how well and safe they are even when completely rebuilt. I live on a small island, local traffic running at 50 km per hour is not really that slow but I am concerned about using her as a daily driver (3-4 times a week) from a safety standpoint. Even though things are slow here there are still cement trucks, tractor-trailers, and kids on the road. Any thoughts ?? Back with pictures this afternoon.
  6. I'm happy this seems to be a very active forum because I am going to have a lot of questions in the process of getting this old girl back on her wheels. Thanks for the thoughts and insight. I will send out some close up pictures very soon. She'll be going in the garage soon, next week I hope. The first thing I would like to do is get some wheels on her to make it easier to move around and that seems to be my first hurtle. The disc rims that are on her now are past the point of repair/rebuilding. <span style="text-decoration: underline">Any thoughts or contacts</span>. Anyone. Of course she'll be up in the air shortly after getting in out of the north west coast rain. I'll take the cab and box off and send the motor out to a fellow on Vancouver island to be rebuilt. The fellow that will do the work I'm told is 90 yrs old. That would make him a young boy when this vehicle rolled off the production line. Wow!
  7. I just bought This Truck a few months ago and I was told it was a common practice to have a new DB sedan converted by companies in the Detroit Michigan area. Professionally done to a new vehicle. The reason I’m told is that DB didn’t build a truck in that year. Now seeing the vehicle (I bought it sight un-seen) and the looks of the back corners of the cab, I question that information. You see in the area where the sedan rear fenders would have rapped around the back of the cab there is nothing. Just an opening right into the cab. Having said that, the box which is made of proper steel frames and struts and oak does look very, old world professional. The box by the way is a gravity dump body. So hence my question to anyone that knows the production of DB vehicles of the day.
  8. Is this just a hack by an old timer who needed to make a truck out of the family car? [img:center]http://www.bowland.ca/photogallery/DSC00239.JPG
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