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  1. Thank a bunch everyone. This is all wonderful advice for me to get the ball rolling! I see this car as a weekend driver to cruise around in. I cant wait!
  2. I just bought my first classic car off my grandfather a few weeks ago. It's a 1959 Lincoln Continental that his dad had and then gave to him. Its got a few spots that are eaten through in the body and a lot of surface rust. The engine works and has turned over quite a few times, but I think most of the body is in pretty bad shape. I have all the tools at my disposal (gramps has a home repair shop with lift and everything in Georgia). Im a huge classic car lover and have been since I was 7 when I first saw a 1942 Merc. So my question is, Where do I begin?! Im a programmer by profession for one of the largest internet companies in the US and I feel that I have the patience and possibly might have the skill to repair this car. The only thing is I want to do it the RIGHT way. From ground up! Ive been looking for shop books, parts, pretty much everything possible, but I come up empty. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I also hope to join the members of South Florida AACA with my Husband. He owns a 1972 Super Beetle which is also in the works. Pics of my baby: Thats the left front end of my 1959 Lincoln Continental Left Side View I know it looks bad, but I want this to work!