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  1. THanks mate, it is power steer (I did mention that in my intro '55 super with power steer and no a/c'") Is yours power or manual? Would be great to hear from others
  2. We've done all that the manual has suggested, and also gone to a reputable steering place and spoken with them. We've done all the adjusting but it's still not good.
  3. Hi all A while ago we noticed on eBay there were Jeep steering boxes to suit/replace those in Buicks. Has anyone used these, or know the name of the company? Our steering box needs replacing and there's a lot of play in the wheel. We have been advised that the parts to recondition our box are obsolete, so we'd be looking at fitting something else. 55 super with power steer and no a/c What have others done? Cheers
  4. Hi, how have people gone with this? Our box is shot, and we really need a new one (not recond)
  5. thanks for the Dot 5 update. It is prefferable once a car's been done up - the paint stripping effect of non-silicon brake fluids is not desirable! New switch is in and working so far
  6. G'day again all Well we've gone over and certainly made an improvement on the old girl, but she's still far from perfect. We've tried to run 'to-the'letter' from the shop manual, though there's still quite a bit of play in the steering wheel. I know there's meant to the an 1/8th of play from factory, but it still seems like there's a lot more when we're driving her. Does everyone have this issue? Are they just big barges and we need to live with it? lol! Cheers
  7. G'day all What does anyone recommend if one of the rear shocks is leaking like a sieve? I have printed off from here/ or another forum, a guide on rebuilding the rears ourselves, so we'll have to give that a go.
  8. Hi mate, nah we've not changed to silicon in this car (do use it with 2 others though). Thanks for pointing that out though, as we would've not thought about that side of it! We'll order one shortly (unfortunately no over the counters here for it).
  9. Hi mate Good luck with it. Here in Australia, we were quote upwards of $1500. That's from the people who did quote us! We ended up doing it ourselves, but it's not for the feint hearted.
  10. G'day all We're now having issues with our brake lights on our '55 Super. First up we put new globes in (among other things) then find the fuse keeps blowing. Put the old globes back in and all ok. Anyone know the exact specs on the correct globes? The ones it's running has nothing ledigble written on them. Second - and more imporantly - the brake lights only come on when the pedal is pushed very firmly (closer to the floor). Obviously not the best set up. Is there any adjustment in the hydraulic switch etc? Thanks again
  11. thanks Ken, well the '56 lifters should be here mid week, so we'll see how we go.
  12. Hi again all We recently ordered some new lifters for the 55's 322... should've read the forums FIRST! After pulling the top end apart, then comparing the current lifters to the newly ordered 55's - we found the previous owner (or the like) has used 56 lifters and rods. I've spent the past hour or two researching this forum, so now know the down falls a 56 pairing on an old 55 cam shaft can have. Soo we need to know if we're running an old 55 cam, or a replacement which seems to cover both 55 and 56 - so we can assume will suit the 56 lifters and rods? I cannot seems to find specs for 56 cams - does anyone have this? So now we own the 55 lifters we either need to buy 55 rods to suit, or 56 lifters! Then bed them in properly too (prime them then run for 30mins @2000rpm?) Also from my research it'd seem we need to run diesel oil or an additive too - so certainly this reaserch has not gone astray Another other new info would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Shane and Carly
  13. G'day all Well we could only find a second handy at a good $100+ dollars to get it landed, so after a bit of looking around we found a HQ Holden motor could do the trick. After a bit of precision lathing, plus a change to the floor mount, she's in there and working! Woo hoo - a workable solutions for any other Ozzie Buick owners
  14. Thanks Ben, I've just flicked them an email
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