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  1. I have a 1962 Chrysler 300 2dr hardtop with torn upholstery on the drivers side of the front bench seat. I suspect this seat arrangment was used for several years and different Mopar brands. Is there a supplier for replacement upholstery for the front and rear seats, I dont care if it is the correct pattern.
  2. After cleaning a bunch of road grime I noticed the center of the crossover does unboly. 6 bolts in all
  3. I am replacing the auto transmission in my 1962 Chrysler 300 . When I crawled under the car to size up this job I ran into an issue.The torsion mount crossover passes under the transmission far enough forward that it doesn't look as the trans can be removed with the engine in the car and it didn't look as there was a removable center on the crossover. Can this be right; is there something I am missing? Tad
  4. Last fall I removed a 1962 Chrysler 300 from a shed where it had been sitting since 1978 the car it now runs, drives and stops on it's own but the transmission has a problem. If you are stopped and the drive button is depressed the trans slips bad, when you depress the L button you can feel the transmission engage and the car moves forward normally, while the car is motion if you depress the 2nd gear button it shifts fine into 2nd and when Drive is depressed it goes into drive. The trans seems to shift between 2nd and 3rd and the passing gear (WOT)downshift from 3rd to second works but when you stop the trans slips bad. You have to go through the gears manually again. If you try and take off in second, the trans does the same thing (just slips) Reverse seems fine. I recently put some trans-x in the transmission fluid hoping it would remove any vanish that may have accululated on the transmission valves but it hasn't made a difference yet. any ideas? <!-- / message --><!-- edit note -->
  5. near to far in the picture. 1968 Chrysler 300 conv. 1965 Imperial Club Coupe 1968 Imperial Club Coupe 1949 Dodge Wayfarer conv. 1964 Cadillac 4dr hrdtp 1962 Chrysler 300 2dr hrdtp 1965 A100 V/8
  6. I've flat towed my A some but my dad flat towed his 29 A from Denver to Chicago in 1968 after he bought it. BTW a one day rental of a uhaul trailer is $60.00 including insurance; but you need to remember you are hauling a Honda Accord.
  7. Wow! you are good. Heres some more for you in the same shed To help you out the furthest left is the '68 300 Besides the'68 300 there are 6 more vehicles in this picture but the '65 A100 pickup is hidden behind the blueish table..
  8. This was found in a friends shed. I thought it would be of interest to this group. If you have a Nash and would like to have it , the owner will sell it.
  9. My friend found his title, it was an Indiana title issued in 1955.My friends memory was a little off the title lists the truck as a 1928 National truck. The chassis number is: 9AB455879
  10. A good friend of 20 years had received this Chevrolet truck in 1959 when he was 14 years old but the fuel pump never worked so he and his friends would drive around the block until the pump which was manually filled would run out. The truck was soon parked in a storage shed. The truck was sent to a body shop to be restored on the late 70s in the early 90s the shop went bankrupt and the truck was given back in the condition shown in the picture. It has been sitting under a pile of boxes until yesterday when I convinced him into unburying the truck and moving it to the workshop side of his shed so we can begin getting the truck back together. My friend says the title of the truck indicates this is a 1927 Chevrolet Huckster pickup but I noticed the vehicle has front brakes which I thought was a 1928 item. The hand stamping on the engine is X4956209. Can you tell me what my friend has; Is it a 1927 as the title says? The chassis appears to have been restored and painted and is pretty close to being completely assembled. The transmission and engine had been rebuilt but the engine has't been put back together. After digging through a lot of parts boxes it appears like it could be all there but in one big jigsaw puzzle. Does anyone have a truck similar to this? I would like to see pictures to help the reassembly after the sheet metal gets returned from another body shop. http://s83.photobucket.com/albums/j281/petritl/?action=view¤t=1113001410.jpg Best Regards, Tad
  11. Early this year my friend bought a 1936 Terraplane 4dr in April he transfered the title and licensed the car. He found out yesterday the State of Ilinois is holding the title to the car and want to compare the VIN on the title to the one on the car. The problem is I don't see a VIN tag.. What is the location of the VIN tag? Tad
  12. There were more coupe 4spds than convertible 4spds, I believe there were ~120 1965 4spd Olds Starfires in total and was told less than 20 were convertibles. I sold the following Starfire in the fall of 2008. It was sold to a guy in Tampa, FL who also had a 1965 Starfire conv. with a retrofit 4spd.
  13. It's too bad the headlight lenses are missing off the Plymouth. My friends 1937 Plymouth was switched to sealbeams. I bet he would be interested in the headlight refletors that are just hanging there. Tad 309-634-1350
  14. How would the value of this 2dr with the hump on the rear compare to a 2dr without the hump; if the two cars are in the same condition. Would the 2dr model without the larger trunk be less valuable?
  15. petritl


    If anyone is interested I believe it could be bought for around$500.00 US
  16. petritl


    This car is located in Chicago. If anyone is interested in purchasing it let me know I will pass on the sellers info to you. Tad
  17. petritl


    The following pictures are of a 1954 Clipper that is for sale . The car has been sitting for 4 decades and the title is gone. I am not a particular fan of one make of automobile over another, I like most of them from the late 30s to the mid 50s. My enjoyment is getting cars like this and cleaning them up and making them drivable again but this one seems like it would be a real challange. I have to wonder how much will stay behind after it is pulled out of it's spot. What is your opinion? Tad
  18. Have a look through these application charts. THE CARBURETOR SHOP / PASSENGER CARBURETOR REPAIR KITS
  19. Thank you for the information-Tad
  20. Link to the HAMB post:Lincoln 40 Zephyr 3 window coupe project - THE H.A.M.B.
  21. There is a Zepher coupe (40ish) for sale on the HAMB.(www.jalopyjournal.com) I cant recall the price exactly thinking 9-10K
  22. Ths radiator cap has a flip top that is activated by pulling the eagle's head. The flip cap has a hole through the center of it for a Motometer. The eagle is mounted with female threads that are fixed to the body . Stromberg M-1 brass carb any ideas on the application?
  23. 1965 Starfire convertible with factory 4sd 99,xxx miles PW, PB, PS Deluxe seatbelts (front only) Frame is not rotted away Car is unrestored but had been repainted in the late 70's The car was recently removed from long term dry storage. I have tracked down the history of this car from now to the original owner (most inc. original owner are still alive. The car drives well, I drove it to the OCA National meet in Dearborn, MI in July. The engine is not the original (1966 Delta w/ Starfire intake and exhaust manifolds )but I do have an appropriate 1965 Starfire engine.The top works and the material is in pretty good shape, there is a small tear on the side of the horizontial panel under the window. $16,000.00 / accepting offers. I can send pictures if interested. I apoligize my first post is a forsale one , I am trying to find an appropriate home for the car Tad tad_2670@yahoo.com 309-256-2908
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