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  1. My parents treated us to a new car in 1966, a dark blue Chevy Biscayne. It had a 230 and 3 speed, heater, no radio and was the first car we had with seat belts. It was a major victory when it was traded for a 1970 Mercury Montego with a 351 Cleveland, automatic and A/C. Shortly after purchasing the Biscayne my great aunt passed away in Boston. We drove the Chevy from VA and my father rented a 12' or 14' U-Haul trailer (dual axle) to bring her furniture back. We ended up in a traffic jam going over the Delaware Bay and I thought for sure he would smoke the clutch before we got over the top tryi
  2. I see this as malaise on the part of the membership as a whole. If you are not willing to put forth the time and effort to preserve the underlying mission then you can't complain about the results. Ironically, I see parallels with the current goings on in a particular New York school district.
  3. Have you tried the local library or historical society? Sometimes long established newspapers have old photo files.
  4. I currently have 5 horse drawn Studebakers and would be interested in yours if it was not literally on the other side of the country. Below are some pics: This is my 1904 buggy: My side spring wagon: My 2 board farm wagon: Another buggy: These things are even better than restoring tractors, no glass, no rust, little in the way of interiors and I am sure to win an award at any show I attend.
  5. John, I can get your alternator professionally rebuilt here in Richmond. If you want bring it with you to Reedsville and I can deliver it to Jeff Duty at Automotive Manufacturers. Or better yet, give his shop a call at 804-321-6861 and see where they pick up and deliver to in your area. Be sure to tell him I sent you. By the way, he did the carb rebuild on my Avanti. Gary
  6. If you are planning to spend the night, be sure to make reservations now. It is worth sticking around on Friday evening to get a tour of Max Corkin's shop and to hear his band play (and the beer isn't bad either).
  7. John, You may want to come to Reedsville on Friday to find the best deals. I go up Thursday afternoon so I will be there early on Friday and typically leave around noon on Saturday. Gary
  8. FYI, it is Jim Turner who sells the disc brake conversions.
  9. Curt, I think I had a brain fart and was thinking of the wood grain in GT Hawks. I went downstairs and found a fawn colored Avanti steering wheel as well as a tan dash overlay. Sometimes it helps to check before writing... Gary
  10. Curt, I think all of the Avanti's I have seen have the wood grain dash. This is a picture of the one in my '64 R2 4 speed car, it is serial number 5400 so it was at the very end of production. Gary
  11. It is actually Jim Turner on the disc brakes (not to be confused with Dave T-Bow).
  12. John, Typically Studebaker parts are hard to find at the larger swap meets. There is an all Studebaker swap meet in Reedsville, PA on November 20 & 21. If you can hold out until March 4-6, there is a large swap meet in York, PA. Gary
  13. The RS engine would be correct for a R-2 Avanti. You can order the build sheet for your car for $40 from the Studebaker National Museum which will confirm that it was built with the engine you have now..
  14. I would suggest that you join the Antique Studebaker Club in order to learn more about your vehicle as well as for the parts sources. Here is a link to their website: The Antique Studebaker Club Studebakers are fun vehicles, I have a dozen as well as 5 horse drawns.
  15. John, Do not attempt to run the engine with the supercharger on it without going through it. At a minimum, it needs cleaning and new oil, it is probably much worse off. Good cores are going in the $500 range, so it is a valuable piece. I would also check with NAPA, a local farm dealership (perhaps Tractor Supply) or the ones on Rt. 29 for a battery. While my '64 takes a regular battery, the early cars take ones that looked like what my IH 806 used. Good luck! Gary
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