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  1. I havent posted for a while but I know of several kids high school age that do appreciate our old classics. I grew in the days when you had to work problems out with pen and paper. My first car was a 41 Ford sedan for $75. I had a thing for cars then and took auto shop in high school and had to learn from help fron older mechanics etc. My first set of wrenches was a hand me down from an oldtimer that brought a new set and thought they would help me out. I still have some of them. I have had my 64 Buick Wildcat Convert since 79 My Sons are grown and have kids and used to help me alot and still are into the old cars. I will always be there to lend a ear to a young one wanting to learn. Now I ask them to help me make my computor do something I cant make it do. So I feel its good to keep our hobby going by giving help to someone wanting to learn. There are some that are smart A**es but I know some old ones also. Give the kids a break if they are interested Gary
  2. My Brother in law has this really nice original Montclair Mercury Sun Valley :cool:with the glass top, all original with 292 V8, except was repainted original turquoise/white before he got it. Has had the car for 40+ years. He has talked about selling. Complete down to the hub caps, no dents, easy restore, little if any rust, good chrome,stainless. Has power windows. sharp car. Has original Wa liscense etc. Has been in heated garage. original interior needs some tlc Is there a good Mercury forum or an expert here that may be able to help with ideas of value. I know its a rare car and I havent seen many for sale to compare to. I have some pics but cant get them to upload. Thanks Gary
  3. Thanks John, I know the Buick has a 62 401 V8 but as for the 1965 ford pu, I dont know much about them, but would be happy to verify the engine size if someone would want that info. Im only going by what the owner told my son. I live about 90 miles from the cars. PM me for pics of pu or some extra pics of 64 Cat I know the 64 Buick Wildcat convert since I have one that I have owned since 1979, Gary
  4. Still needs a home. I have heard shipping isnt that bad, Its not a bad car and runs good. It has rust but the floor is solid and trunk is easily repaired
  5. Still needs a home. Very good 401. Will consider a fair offer. PM me for my sons phone and I have some extra pics also Thanks Gary
  6. Hi All, These cars are still for sale. He will consider a fair offer on either vehicle. The 64 Wildcat convert has pics on Buick cars for sale and I can send some of the ford pu if you PM your email. The cab on the F100 is nice and all original. Thanks Gary
  7. Thank You for looking. But my son has to get these cars out. Im just trying to help him get the space. The 64 Wildcat does run and drive great, but need leak in radiator fixed to drive to far. Also needs a heater core for heat. Pics are on the Buicks for sale ad. The 65 Ford F100 is a rust free cab and all original with 351 Windsor with 2 bbl and 4speed but needs a box. pics if needed for pu if you pm me and I will send them and also some extra pics of 64 Cat. Thanks Gary
  8. Paul, I live in Port Orchard also and I have a white 64 Wildcat Convert. Great find, looks like a nice project car. There are a few Buick owners in Pt Orchard. What is the name of your shop? Because I need some help on fixing a small dent that I got at a car show last summer. I need an estimate for the insurance co. So I can have it fixed before spring cruising season. I also belong to the Puget Sound Buick club. I would love to see the car. Gary
  9. Bill, Im not sure if it is. I had one of the board members post pics for me in this forum in Oct since Im not a real good at posting pics. But this car does have a 62 401 motor in it. and I posted the block no. for ID. If you want more pics pm me. your email Thanks Gary
  10. My son is trying to sell the cars around his shop since owner raised rent so all must go. 65 F100 pu. NICE rust free no dent cab with original blue paint, good doors etc. Needs complete box already gone. This truck is an easy fixer. It has the 351-2bbl with granny 4speed. Just put a flat bed on it and would make a nice parts hauler. I have some pics of it. pm your email and I will send them to you. The 64 Buick Wildcat Convert is listed on Buick cars for sale and has pics posted Cars are located in Lynnwood Wa just north of Seattle Thanks for looking Gary
  11. Just an update. I went and looked at the car yesterday and wanted to note that this car has a very nice, no cracks dash pads. a tilt wheel, with no cracks steering wheel and a consol w/o cracks and a pair of rear fender extensions and a pair of body mldgs and some extra parts in the trunk. I checked the trunk pan. It has rust but not very bad, could be saved.The interior floor feels solid. It has dual exhaust that comes out in front of rear tires Please PM me for any info Have a Happy New Year Gary Also to sell for $1200 He has a 65 Ford f-100 pu with 351-2 Windsor and stock 4sp and rust free cab and doors, even original seat, which needs upholstry and is bone stock. No pu bed
  12. Bruce, Glad to hear your still hanging around. We will have to meet up down towards Shelton sometime and have a cold one.
  13. My brother in law has a 59 he may consider selling. Pm your email and I will send some pics of the car. 4 speed with hardtop. Has 327 with dual quads. complete car in decent shape. good body etc. originally white with red. Has had car for 40+ yrs in heated garage. original plates and hubcaps. Also a 283v8 on a stand. Easy restore needs paint and tlc. Gary
  14. Still for sale. Looking for a good offer. Needs the room. I know several folks with parts around the country
  15. Offers will be considered. He needs the space since he has to move soon. I would, but I only have room for my 64 Cat in my garage. And I know several guys that have parts that would help to bring her back. I hope that Sandy didnt affect anyone on the board. It looks bad. Like the Katrina disaster.
  16. Bryan, I do have one of my own to drive around town. This car does need a lot of TLC, it has rust to deal with as pix show. The best of the car is that it does run and drive well, but has a radiator leak to drive to far. I have heard it run and goes into gear well. It has been in dry storage for 2 yrs+ and started right up w/o lifter noise and runs smooth. The top was fairly recent and in good cond. and the glass is good. But needs body, paint and upholstry work. But its a rare car that needs a home. I am about 90 miles from the car. If someone is interested in a project and wants to make my son an offer just email me and I will have him call you.
  17. Here are some more of the 64 Wildcat
  18. Thank You so much for posting the pix. I could have never done it without your help. Thats why I like the older cars, they dont have computers
  19. My son has this 1964 Buick Wildcat Convert in his shop and would like to have it gone. He wants $3500 for the car. Yellow with black top and black buckets and consol. It has a recent top and xlnt running 401v8. Sold as is. Classic plates. Email me for the 18 pics The car is located in Lynnwood, Wa 15 miles North of Seattle
  20. I would post the pics but I am not sure. But I have them on an email that I can send Gary
  21. Any reasonable offer will be considered and I know several 63 and 64 owners that have parts, including myself.