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  1. I was just going to say SMS, and they will send you samples of the fabric. They have trunk liner material that comes very close on 63-64 Buick trunks and also for the interior for my 64 Wildcat Convert. They arent the cheapest but you get what you pay for. As I need the material for a new top boot and it looks like what came with the car,. Gary:)
  2. I was looking at the web that a friend of mine works at, ParkPlace Ltd in Bellevue Wa. and they have a 57 Mercury Monterray 2 dr post CHP patrol car restored by a former CHP officer with lights, siren etc for $29,950. They have pics if anyone interested at looking. Gary:cool:
  3. I can remember back in LA in the early 60`3that the CHP had 63-64 Olds 88`s and Catalina`s equiped with roll bars and beefed motors for the early hotrodders chase cars. A friend with a XKE cpe found out doing 140+ and the Olds pulled up by him and pointed him to pull over. :mad:Ticket for 140 in a 60 zone. I also owned a 62 Merc 2dr post Monterey with a 406V8 with 3 speed over dr.on column. It came out of Oregon all factory equipped with rubber mats for carpets no ps or pb or radio and hd suspension, would wind 110mph in 2nd gear. The Wa state patrol had some of the early 67-68 Shelby fastbac
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