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  1. Thanks all for your input, what great trucks, and what a fun story about working with them KCL. I have not had a whole lot of time to work on mine, but I did manage to use some radiator patch putty for a temporary fix on the radiator crack, all so I could try my old truck out... and it was a blast to gear it up a hill near me, and wow does it ever have some low gears! I haven't got it up to a speed to try out the two speed rear end, but the brakes work, and that was what I really wanted to be sure of after rebuilding the master cyl and vacuum booster unit, and bleeding it all. It does have a noise in the water pump, and I will be taking that apart to see what's up. I tried greasing it, as it has a grease nipple, but I did not have the correct lube for it and did not want to put too much of that in the cooling system. Anyone know what kind of lubricant is used in the coolant pump? Thanks guys, Bob
  2. I am looking for the original bench seat to replace the buckets someone put in my WH-47 Is the seat different in a '52 dodge truck? I have someone that wants to sell one to me. Thanks, Bob
  3. Hey thanks! I have since found the ID plate, and it appears to be a WH-47 Yes it does have a 2 speed rear, and I found a marker ring around the shift lever that appears to say it is a 5 speed tranny! Got the engine running after changing oil and stinky gas, minor cleaning the carb, pouring lubricant into the cylinders, it is running very well. What a trip after sitting for some 20 or so years. The radiator leaks, and has a large split across the top that I cannot account for, so I will need to pull it out for rebuild, but it still had coolant in it which is a relief.
  4. Looking for '47 WH truck parts: Stainless headlight bezel Bench seat Choke and Throttle knobs/cable Glass Hand crank California '47 license plates fivetens@hotmail.com
  5. Mine seems to have had 2 mounts on the firewall, directly above the engine, (one seems missing)for the horn? I also believe that the large style horn originally mounted on the flathead of pickup trucks of this era, so are the mounts I mentioned on the firewall; for something else? I do see two small horns in front of the radiator of my truck, perhaps these are after market, or are they actually the originals? Does anyone have pictures of the engine compartment of this period large truck? Thanks, Bob
  6. I was posting in another thread and told to come here, hope I found the right place.. Think it is a '47. Was told it is probably a WFA, what does these letters stand for? What does "dual purpose" stand for? (that was read from a book shown to me in the other thread from dodge brothers) Really love this old truck, engine turns over easily, perhaps too easily but we will see what happens. Thanks, Bob
  7. Thanks, but that seems to just be an advertisement directory site. Bob
  8. Thanks so much for this! I think I have the 14' bed your book listed. I know I have a vacuum shift 2 speed rear end. I wonder what it meant by "dual purpose" and what the letters; "WFA" stood for? I also got the following information in an email from: Dave Fenner Certified Dodge Truck Nut www.39-47dodgetrucks.com www.groups.yahoo.com/group/39-47dodge "The numbers you provided are the body style (4112) and the production sequence in the assembly (309576) - not the serial number. there should be another plate, larger, (2 X 6 inch oval shaped) right above that door plate. If it is missing, you will find the screw holes where it used to be.. Your truck looks to be a 1946 or 47 2 ton Dodge, likely a model WH. pretty heavy duty work truck. the body style 4112 means is was the style started in 1941, and the same body continued through 1947 - it also means it was a closed cab. It definitely is not a 1939 or 1940 model, but is similar. The place to find the serial number now, since the ID plate is missing is on the left front frame. Take the left front wheel off, or crawl behind it where you can see the side of the frame on the left front, near the spring hangar, forward. digits will be there etched in, about 1/2 inch high, and will be 8 digits, beginning with an 8 if made in Detroit or a 9 if assembled in Los Angeles" You guys are really cool to take the time for this, thanks again. Bob
  9. Hello all, I just joined the group as I bought this old Dodge flatbed truck and am trying to find some info on it. Does anyone know how to find the year of manufacture by the VIN? I found a tag on the driver door post reading: 4112309576 I really love this truck. Thanks, Bob
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