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  1. De Soto Frank hit the nail on the head. All looked just finetill I touched that jumper wire and the wire was broken right at the contact with the clip. You would never have spotted it by visual inspection. Thanks to all very much for you help and advice, hope I can return the favor Fred
  2. I have used 8 volt batteries for years in my 6 volt positive ground cars. They turn right ovr and if I am in a noisey parking garage and can't hear the engine due to all the noise I don't have to worry I will only have one more shot at starting. I use a trickle charger made for 8 volt batteries when not on the road. It made an occasional vehicle into a no worry vehicle. Fred
  3. 28Chrysler Thanks for the help that is exactly the confirmation I was seaking. The coil was the obvious target when you are away from home and no tools. The ignition switch is now the obvious being at home with a meter and a new coil. Thanks for the help Fred
  4. There are no fuses in the system. When ignition switch is turned on and a volt meter is placed on the coil connections there is no power to the positive pole (this is a positive ground system). If you touch the negative pole to the engine block you have 6 volts. Only thing in between is the ignition switch, correct? Any other ideas? Thanks Fred
  5. 1939 4 door luxury liner. Went to car show going up an incline to the entrance gate and car died. Drifted back and got it out of the way. Figured it was gas walked 2miles home got 5 gal. not gas. No fire. Figured it was coil put in today...Not coil. With ignition swich ON. no current to poles on coil with starter or without. I have to think it is the ignition switch,, Do you agree or is there someting else in the chain I am not thinking of. Thanks for your help Fred
  6. Just my opinion...I have a few cars. I have a few 6 volt cars. I went with 8 volt batteries in all of them. I have been a happy man ever since and don't shy away from driving them. Good luck Fred
  7. laddy

    locked out

    Thanks to all for the help. I went to a cruise in and 4 or 5 large guys tried to open it but nothing. I took the back seat out folded the cardbord backing between the seat and the trunk and got a look inside. The mechanism had unlatched. I went outside and gave it a lumber jack pull but no go. I slipped a plastic scrapper betwee the trunk lid and body of the car and used a large bladded screw driver to pry. It is open!!! Apparently the heat had melted the old rubber gasket and welded it shut. I hit the rubber gasket with a good dose of WD 40. It seems to be woking fine again. I appreciate all your help and suggestions. Fred
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    locked out

    Thanks for your help.....I don't think taking out the screws from the outside handle mecahanism will help me at all....I fear i have to go through the back seat.... Any help is greatly appreciated!!!! Fred
  9. Hey, I have a 1939 Dodge sedan. Sunday, I was headed to a car show, went to throw a chair in the trunk and.....No! The handleturns to the right, the right side unlatches but the left side doesn't move a hair. Any ideas???? I hate to take out the back seat and face that bolted in spare tire...I am not that youg or thin any more. As I recall turning the handle engaged a bar to the right and left to close the trunk. I never paid much attention to the mechanism because it always worked. I should have been more observant! Any help greatly appreciated!!! Thanks in advance. Fred
  10. Many thanks, I owe you one. Fred
  11. Hey, Any way of identifing a distributor as to what car it fits? The numbers on it are Delco Remy dual point vaccuum advanced #1111138 5J20. I have been looking on the net for a cross reference but can't find one. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Best regards to all Fred
  12. A second person who would like shoes for a 1939 dodge four door sedan. Thanks Fred
  13. It has got to be a break in a wire, I am trying to run the traces now to see witch one it is. I was hopping for a reply like... this is the one that usually gives out. The reults are so intermittant based on God only knows what. My age slows me up alot. I contacted the guy with the knobs and glass problem and got him straightened out. He said some guy contacted him from Oregon and didn't know anything to help him and was surprised at his attitude. Told him to blow it off, probably has haemmorhoids. Thanks to all that did help. Fred
  14. Hey, If the relay is that big hunkin black box on the drivers side of the fire wall I opened it up. It is immaculate! Looks sterile! I guess wiring has to be the cause.......Fred
  15. Hey, Can anyone describe where the relay is on the '39 Dodge? I am not getting power to the ignition switch. I have checked continuity and I have that. Relay could be the problem. Where is it??? Thanks again Fred
  16. Thanks for the responses, I will do as suggested and hope for the best. Somehow I think there is still something more amiss. I'll let you know and appreciate the help Fred
  17. Thanks to all, Hope I can get her running. Best regards Fred
  18. Hey, Thanks for the response. I went to a car show, stopped by a friends to have him follow me over. Shut the car off because he wasn't ready. Never started again. Turn the key, hit the floor starter and nothing, no register on the dash ammeter as if anything has been done. Last week went out and it turned the motor over, sprayed in some starter fluid and never got contact again. I thought it was a bad starter (last changed in 1991) What a PIA, got it out checked it. No problem on the concrete. Put it back. Nothing, Checked for power, NOTHING!!!. I have power from the battery. Must be a electrical break from battery to .....? Where? Ignition switch has continuity but no power, starter has no power, Battery is brand new. Where do I turn first? Withpout a wiring diagram I am lost. Any clues where to check first? Many thanks for your interestso far.... Fred
  19. Hey, New to the forum but not to my old Dodge. I have had it for close to 30 years. She won't start. Starter is fine, battery is fine, Ignition switch checks out.....Where oh where do I go next. I just sent off for a shop manual but this is driving me crazy! Any help Greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance Fred
  20. Hey I'd be interested in the trunk lid and hinges if you still have them and they are in good condition. Let me know Thanks Fred