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  1. Thanks. I have a manual for the old Dodge and it refers to the anchor bolts as well. Since I have been messing with cars I never needed to mess with them and in the early "50s "remember just spinning the wheel and adjusting the cam....but that was many years ago. That is why I wrote in. I thought maybe my memory was worse than I thought and this wouldn't work the old "simple" way. Thanks. This weekend I am going to try it. Too rainy, cold and sore to do it today. My best regards Fred

  2. I have a 1939 Dodge D11. I bled the brakes and have Great pedal but it takes 20 feet to stop. How is the eaiest way to adjust the brakes? I am old and no help. Can anyone give me a step by step? Many thanks Fred

  3. I went to a car show with my 1939 dodge 4 door. All was great. At the end of the show I started up the car and only had second gear. Drove home hoping I had reverse to get in the garage. Not clutch or trans but the cable that shifts the gears. Weather had cooled from morning to late afternoon and the grease in the cable seized up. Took about three hours of working it to get it to move and reinstalled. Quite a shocker.

  4. STARTED!!!!!

    My Many thanks to all that helped and stuck with me. There were a multiple failures....All sorted out and started today! Ran for 20 minutes. Fuel leak at the filter bowl. Shut it down. Will deal with that tomorrow. I think I am out of luck for at least today. Many thanks to all that helped and supported me!!!! Thank you, Thank you, thank you. Lots of times it just takes reinforcement of what you are thinking to push you forward. THANKS TO ALL!! Fred

  5. Achtung! Achtung! Yes....I screwed myself machining the part between the foot starter pedal and the starter. Bone tumor in the femur and multiple surgeries left a weak leg. Thought to reduce travel (and pressure on the femur) was a good idea. NO!! The pedal needs to go down to throw out the bendix as well as deploy the starter motor. Still not started but getting closer!!!!! Thanks Will let you know! Fred

  6. Does The amount of depression of the lever on the starter have anything to do with deployment of the bendix??? If so I may have screwed myself. Rather than depressing the starter pedal 3 inches I made an aluminum block to take up about 2.5" of travel so I only have to depress the starter pedal half an inch. That could be why the starter spins and the bendix doesn't fly out inside????

  7. I will hit it tomorrow....Again MANY THANKS for all your help. I put a screw driver to the fly wheel of the car and at least it is free. I think the reason it won't rock is the le left front wheel. Tends to freeze up over time due to the location of the exterior door. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks Fred

  8. I'll go ahead and pull the starter out. It is a bear to do. My reach and space are limited. Battery is indeed under the front seat making a lot of routine things Hard/impossible to do. Being in a cramped garage and unable to move the car makes even more times tough. The starter pedal is a mechanical press onto the lever which depresses the switch on the top of the starter. I removed the switch and checked it out already. The starter has been replaced on this car three times in 30 years. Seems like a lot to me especially given its rare use. Location is low left side of engine,, you have to bend way over the fender and way down and in. Thanks for the help any more ideas...keep them coming. Thanks Fred

  9. Finally got bolts on starter loose and giggled it big time. Still no go. When I turn key and hit the starter pedal I don't see any change in dash ammeter arrow. I put a meter on the hot at starter and ground to engine and I have full current. Can't rock the car but it is huge and I am not. Could my problem be electrical and if so how to trouble shoot it? Thanks Fred

  10. cleaned all connections. Did not put the shaft in to try to tork it by hand. Started up without incident within 6months but the brakes had gone down. Waited for a friend to get time to help me bleed them. All went well. start. Just stuck what to check next. It has a new voltage regulator replaced (unwarranted ) 1 year ago. Any Help in trouble shooting GREATLY APPRECIATED. Thanks Fred

  11. Hey, 1939 Dodge 4 door sedan all original. Started a few weeks ago, no problem. Yesterday. turned on ignition..hit starter pedal and noise at all. Checked battery. Full 8 volts (not 6 cause I switched out the battery to 8 years ago), put meter on Hot at starter and on ground and got full 8volts. Starter can't be 5 years old. Hit starter with a rubber mallet...Nothing. Can someone suggest a check list of what I am missing??? Thanks to all in advance. Fred