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  1. I have known Charlie Gagel and his family for over 30 years and first saw his beautiful "Fire Chief's" car last August. However, at Hershey, I was surprised to see it listed as an entrant in Class 10B (1913-1916 Model-T). When I met Charlie there, I asked why he did not enter his car in the Commercial class where I thought he would have a better chance of receiving an award. He replied that in over 40 years of attendance at Hershey, no one in his family had ever entered a vehicle and he was glad now to be able to do so. Winning an award was of minimal importance. After being judged, he related to me that the Team Captain repeatedly pointed out the evident mandatory deductions which Charlie acknowledged. Apparently the judging was done "by the book", yet provided the necessary points for a Third Junior. FYI to all concerned: The vehicle was pre-registered as: "1914 Ford, 4 cyl, <span style="text-decoration: underline">SPEEDSTER</span>", NOT "Touring" or "Roadster". Had the Region questioned this initially, and perhaps suggested the Commercial Class or Fire Apparatus Class, all this controversy could have been avoided and Charlie would be just as satisfied, award or not! Personally, I could not be happier for his achievement!
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