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  1. I like your storage barn. Nice safe place for the Queen. I had a building at my old property just like yours. My son stored his 4 wheeler in it and all was well till he had a gas leak. The gasoline spilled onto the floor and down between the plywood and ate away at the styrofoam. I had to pull up two full sheets of plywood to replace the styrofoam and the smell never really went away. My floor was painted with 3 coated of high quality latex and the floor was Tongue and Groove but the gas still got to the styrofoam. I remember using my circular saw to cut away the gas soaked floor and not being
  2. Great photos of 'Morning Glory' and your herd. Thanks for sharing! Glad someone is getting some sunshine More snow on the way here too. Had to plow to get out of the driveway today. I'm running out of places to put all the snow. The bird bath will thaw someday.[ATTACH=CONFIG]297472[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]297473[/ATTACH] The Old Buick and Ranger haven't seen sunshine for quite a while. Bill
  3. Just put a new gear box in and repainted the PS pump and brackets on the 65 Electra on Saturday. I got to play 'service manager' and take it for a 10 or 20 mile drive when I was done. It was nice to have 75 degree weather and have the top down again. It's going to get to the low 30's tonight with a few inches of the white stuff expected on the ground. It won't last too long. I'll have to stick to driving the other conv. (Mini) tomorrow.
  4. Finally snapped a few photos. My school starts up again next Tuesday so I knew I better post something before all the kids come. I still have some adjustments to do and I'm waiting for some beltline clips and riviets to come in to finish the rear chrome. But.....It's up and running and on the road. Just replaced the rear transmission seal, pinion seal and pan gasket. Got tired of seeing them leaking. Time to put the top down and drive it a bit. Thanks for looking.
  5. Update - On Installing your own convertible top. After taking 3 weeks off for vacation and house repairs, I started on the old girl this week. The time off provided me with many hours of time to think my way through the rest of the install. One word will tell the story of the final install......FANTASTIC. I am very pleased with fit and look of the top. The new cables keep the top fastened down and the over all smooth look and feel of the new top is great. There are no wrinkles on the sides and the new weatherstripping install went well. The rear window fit is great and there is no sagging. The
  6. Update .....some good.....some not so good. I marked and removed the old top. Took out thousands of staples and painted to bow rails. installed the new stay pads on both sides and all is good. I kept checking the bow height and distance for between the 3rd and rear bow. I kept them all in alignment and within a fraction of an inch. I took the old curtain and transferred all the marks to it. Started to install but is was too cold and had to wait till I had help. Today my friend came over and we worked outside stretching and fastening it down. It was about 85 degrees and sunny today. I swear I
  7. Thanks Joe. I saved a bunch on painting it myself and it feels good to accomplish it. Maybe I saved enough to afford the high test gasoline. I have to drive to upstate New York (RedHook) to pick up my wife in early August and I keep telling her that I'm taking the Buick. I remember seeing a car show in Rhinebeck, New York advertised earlier. Maybe it's the same weekend. 35 Years ago I met my wife in Upstate NY driving the same car. It's only fitting that it makes a return visit....all fixed up.
  8. Update on Replacing Top........ Been driving to old buick around the past few weeks to get a feel for driving a 'boat'. The engine still didn't run quite right till I followed the suggestion of my neighbor and replaced the intake manifold gasket....again. It runs like brand new now. It seems that one of the rubber tabs from the valve cover was slightly under the intake and creating a leak. All fixed. Today I read the manual over again and started removing the old top. I found that there are NO cables in the flaps, the stay pads are 2" off on one side, and there were only 9 bolts holding all o
  9. Fast forward to April 2012 I got the weather stripping problem sorted out last fall. I got a set from Steele and they are not 100% correct but I'll make them work. Some of the screw holes don't line up but it will work out. Got tired of waiting for the body shop to fit me in. So I constructed a tunnel 14' x 24' and covered it with 2 mil plastic. The old Buick fit nicely in it with plenty of room to operate a spray gun. The paint job came out pretty darn good. I did manage to get one tiny mosquito and an eyelash buried in the paint. If I didn't point them out, they would be hard to find. No run
  10. Fantastic story. Don't loose faith now. Thanks for posting you progress. A few thoughts.....They make a 'shot peen' hammer that is made from plastic/nylon, The head is filled with metal shot that floats in the hammer head. It provides a good hit put doesn't mess up the object it hits. I'm not sure how long it takes to line up the king pin and spindle to do the install, but if you soaked the kingpin in dry ice for a while to shrink it, maybe it would be loose enough to slide in. On the down side if it contacts the spindle for too long, it will suck out the cold and the pin might get stuck. Mayb
  11. I teach just outside of Youngstown, Ohio. I remember sometime in the late 80's or early 90's Avanti had a manufacturing plant and dealership on Wick Ave. Anytime I drove by the University (YSU) you could see the newer Avanti's driving by and in the showroom windows. Wish I could have bought one back then. I'll have to yahoo the 'Avanti' and read it's history. I have to say 'yahoo' and not 'google' because my brother works for 'Yahoo'. thanks for keeping up informed of your progress. Bill
  12. Not a clue. I've spent most of my time with 65 and 66 Buicks. Sorry I could not help you
  13. Here are emblems for a 66 Electra on Ebay. eBay - New & used electronics, cars, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods & more at low prices
  14. Update..... Not a match. I took a chance and odered the ones with the metal core and they are too big. I can tell without even opening the plastic wrap. Atleast that will make returning easier. I'm going to contact Steele to see if I can send my old weatherstripping and have them try to match it up with something. I'll contact the referenced name above to possibly have them make them also. Wish me luck. Keeping my fingers crossed..........
  15. Update I took a chance and ordered at set of weatherstripping from Steele last night. I found that there are 2 different types of molding for 65's, an early and late type. One has the metal backing and the other does not. According to the description and the size of the center rail pc. I need the type that does not have the metal backing. However since I have the metal backings on my old ones, I ordered that one. Hopefully I can make it work. The difference lies in which piece has the molded ends attached to it and the size of the center rail molding. My molding measures exactly 18 5/8" tip t
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