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  1. Excellent Thanks very much Bill
  2. No brass tag. Not original to my car. I remember reading somewhere that the BB-1 was an aftermarket carb that was used on many cars. An upgrade to the original Tillotson carb on the Whippet.
  3. My Willys Whippet has a BB-1 and it works well. I haven't driven great distances yet but after getting the vacuum tank problems worked out I haven't had any problems. My engine is only 35HP and 134 cu inch though. Good Luck
  4. Found this tool in my father-in-laws tool box along with a lot of old files and saw blades. It's about 5" long and has a small hole in the bowl. It is stamped COX-3 on the metal. Any ideas? Thanks for looking Bill
  5. The specs for the bow are in the Buick Skylark manual. I only have the manual for the Electra (48000 series) I'll look in the shop today to see if I have any specs that might pertain to your car. Bill
  6. Are you sure it's no longer available? Isn't Kwik Poly Hoof repair the same product. It sure sounds similar. Marketing difference? https://www.nctoolco.com/shop/hoofcare/hoof-repair/kwik-poly-kit/p/556 Good Luck Bill
  7. Just noticed...... your intake and exhaust manifold are on the passenger side. Mine are on the drivers side.
  8. Have you looked at BIGDUCKCANVAS.COM I ordered samples from them for a project. Nice selection and reasonable prices I thought.
  9. Looks like you and your Dad put a lot of work into it. I have a 65 Buick Electra that I bought when I was a junior in high school for $200. finally got is back on the road in 2012. I retired 2 years ago and bought the Whippet as my retirement project. It was living in Rochester NY and the gentleman I bought it from and his Dad owned it since the early 70's. I have replaced 3 pieces of wood under the top and removed the canvas fabric. The leather back of the seat is stapled to the same wood that the top staples to. So I'm working on getting the seat springs, then hopefuly work on
  10. Nice looking Whippet. Mine is the same color but I have different bumpers. Does your back window zip open? It sure looks bigger than mine. I plan on using canvas the same color as yours when I have a new top made. I stopped by Snyder's today and left my seat springs so they can make an exact duplicate. Price was $250 for a complete new seat spring with frame. Some of the old clamps are so brittle I felt it was a fair price to pay. Now I have to decide if I take the seat back off and run it down to him. In addition to working on the seats, I'm looking for an en
  11. I've got a few springs that are twisted and bent on my front seat. I'd like to replace them so the seat doesn't have a soft spot in it anymore. There are atleast 4 different size springs used in the seat. How and where does one buy new coil springs and how do I measure them? Compressed? Uncompressed? Number or coils? Diameter? Snyder's Model T Supply is only 45 minutes from my house. I know they started out as a seat spring business. I plan on calling them next week. Thanks Bill
  12. In 1966 a one-year-only Wildcat "Gran Sport Performance Group" package could be ordered by selecting the "A8/Y48" option. Two engine choices were available. The single carb 425 CID/340 hp V8 was included in the base package price with a 360 hp (268 kW) dual-carb set-up available at extra cost. Initially, this 20 hp (15 kW) upgrade remained a dealer-installed carb-intake modification bolted to stock MT-coded engines but eventually these "Super Wildcats" could also be obtained direct from the factory with MZ-coded engines. Rounding out both the base and Super GS packages were dual exhaust, heavy
  13. Our local plant in Lordstown, Ohio will also be closing. They went to one shift a year or so ago, but now they will be closing. This will devastate our local economy even more than the restructuring of Delphi Packard hurt us. Even with all the new tax laws it always comes down to $$$ (theirs not ours).
  14. Anyone have an old wheel puller they would likd to sell? i need a puller for the rear wheels of a 28 Whippet. Size is 2 1/2” dia x 16 tpi. thanks
  15. There are a few people that visit this forum regularly that are far more knowledgeable than I on vacuum tanks. They have helped me for sure. I'm sure they will read your post and respond. I can check my Dyke's manual and see if there is troubleshooting info for your model. What model # SW tank do you have? Bill
  16. The original canister for my car is a SW 309. It is apart and needs some TLC. I have a 28 Willys Whippet 4cyl. model 96 I replaced it with the spare that came with my car. No idea what it was from but it is suppose to have a gas filter like the one pictured. I made a fitting to take up the 3/8" gap and threaded it for the gas inlet. I put a copper gasket above and below and it works. I drove my Whippet about 12 miles today. This was a first since I usually only went a mile or two before something went wrong. I was able to keep to about 25-30 mph and had no problem going up and down hills.
  17. Thanks, any info you could share would be appreciated. If you have a filter, please let me know thru pm your asking price. Bill
  18. Does a listing exist for which model Stewart Warner vacuum canister was installed on what model car? I saw a paragraph or two in Dykes manual for my particular car buy I would like info on different models. I'm also looking for a gas fuel line filter that fits on a vacuum canister, I made a inlet fitting last year for mine but saw on ebay that originally it probably had a fuel filter like the photo shows. Till I get the original canister repaired, I'm using one like this. I missed the end of the auction on Ebay for this canister. Thanks.
  19. What a fantastic museum. My wife and I went to Keukenhof Gardens last week outside of Amsterdam and took another day to travel from Leiden to Den Haag. We've been there before to see the Escher Museum and Vermeer's works in the Mauritshuis. Since we both studied art in college we went to see the pieces we only ever saw in the text books. Then I found out the Louwman Museum opened nearby a few years later. We finally made it back. I have tons of photos but the photos online are superb. Their cafe area is a recreated old city street. A local car club was having a banquet that
  20. The auction is outside of Haarlem, Netherlands. Sure would like to be there for the auction.
  21. Congrats. Glad you got it working. Keep driving !! Bill
  22. We have the National Packard Museum in Warren, Ohio. Don't know if they would like to hang it in on their wall, but I could ask if you are looking to donate it to a worth cause. Bill
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