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    Mice repellent

    I've tried dryer sheets, Irish Spring soap, moth balls, ultra sonic plug in's and so far I like mouse traps with peanut butter. I place the traps in the car and in the corners of my shop behind the floor jack.....etc. I bought new plastic traps this year that have a small removable reservoir for the peanut butter. It installs from the bottom and is easy to load and reset. No touching the carcass to discard. I also have a roller setup that is suspended over a 5 gallon bucket. I bait that with peanut butter and give the little critters an easy pathway to get access to the roller.
  2. Your write up looks very detailed and concise. I read through it last night Thanks Don and everyone else. I did call 4 Seasons and I need to add 8 oz. of PAG 150 oil to the reservoir to get a total of 11 oz. before pulling a vacuum. I guess I won't lose all the oil when I evacuate and pull a vacuum. I guess there's lots more to do before I can wrap it up. I'd like to do a good rebuild and not half a##, so a lot more time....and $$ of course. Found a new defroster door vacuum and got it ordered. I also ordered a partial wire harness for the blower motor. The old one
  3. Sometimes things just aren't simple, especially if you overthink the problem. I think that's what I do at times. My new compressor is an A6 style exactly like the original but compatible with 134A. It came precharged with 3oz of PAG oil.....but the instructions say to check to be sure to add the recommended amount and type to the compressor. I tried to scan the QR code but the pdf would not load so I went directly to the 4 seasons resource page and still did not get an exact answer. A phone call to 4 seasons will happen tomorrow. 4 seasons show a chart online that has quantity and type of
  4. So NEW HOSES would be the best way to go. Since they are 50+ years old, it makes sense since I've got a fair amount of $$ already invested. Who sells AC hoses for a 50+ year old car? I see kits available on the internet but the fittings aren't anything like mine. Can I reuse my ends and just get new hose? I checked with Carid, but said they did not have the hose. I did find on their webpage an adapter for the compressor plate that could work if I could find the proper hoses and ends. the plate had 1"-14 threads. I remember making hydraulic hoses when I worked in a
  5. Definitely a Willys Knight. I've been fascinated with the Sleeve Valve Engine for many years and still want to purchase one. ........Maybe one like this !
  6. I'd like to get the AC working for next summer and wanted to get a head start on it now. I'm installing a new (4 seasons) compressor, drier, POA cycling valve, and flushing the entire system on my 65 Buick Electra The old R-12 system took 4.25 lbs , so I'm going to start with 3.75 lbs of R-134A But what about the refrigerant oil? My new 134A compressor came with a 3 oz. charge. My original service manual states that the factory compressor should have 10.5 oz of oil. I checked on the website for 4 seasons and they say to either : refer to factory manual, check the tag
  7. Anything like this one? It's from Summit Racing. But the price is high. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/dck-1090/overview/ I've seen many like this at swap meets but don't have any on hand. There must be more openings or special configuration? Bill
  8. You've got to be proud when you look at your first posts of the project and now. A first class build. You are correct about projects taking more time and money.......every time. Keep posting updates. Thanks Bill
  9. I'm looking for the bracket the holds the heater control valve for a 65 - Buick Electra (48000 series) Anyone have one they'd like to part with? Or a couple of photos and dimensions so I can fabricate one? thanks
  10. Since my Buick driving is about done for the season, I decided to change the AC compressor and do a bit of maintenance to get ready for next year. I was thinking about posts that I've read on this site concerning tires and decided to take a better look at the belts, hoses, tires etc. on the car. I installed the convertible top and painted the car in 2012. It's been 7 years of driving the Buick but not a lot of miles. I guess I enjoy working on them more then I do driving them. Time sure flies. I found my radial tires are dated 4910 - December 2010 -They should have been r
  11. We just celebrated our 40th anniversary and returned last night from a 2 + week vacation. Great time but no car museums this time. My wife doesn't go into the shop very often, but if I ever need a hand she's 'right there'. On more than one occasion she's had to help bleed brakes, install a car part, or assist with a woodworking project. She doesn't like riding in the old cars or going to the car shows, but she supports my hobby 100%. We've traveled to many states to get car parts and we always add something on her list when on the trip. Latest car trip was to the Gil
  12. Thanks for the update. The big concern for me was the lack of time they gave us to submit the drawings and photos. Three days if I remember correctly. I was able to draw up crude plans but had family commitments to attend to. If the project gets underway again, I would be interested.....again Thank you Steve for all that you do. Bill
  13. If you had bad gas then maybe the vent or needles in the lid are clogged. Have you tried soaking everything and blowing out the passages? I've had clogged needles and even a partially clogged fuel line from gas that was in the system too long. Car always ran great for 5 minutes, then stall and hard to start. Have you looked for any holes in the inner tank. It only takes a small pinhole for vacuum to disappear. My inner tank looked great when I blew into it but after holding up to a bright light, I could see a few pinholes. Good Luck Bill
  14. The original tank on my 28 Whippet has only 4 bolts also. The inner tank had so many pinholes in it that I have replaced it with an 8 bolt lid vacuum tank that I had. Not sure of the application for the 8 bolt tank but the car ran great with it installed. Repairing the inner tank on the original setup is on my winter 'to do list'. Bill
  15. I think everyone is ahead of me. I just recorded 329 total miles so far. It had been over a month that I was able to get out and drive the Electra. Between the heat, rain and life in general, there just wasn't time. I did get a chance to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary with a group of 21 friends and family in Ireland a few weeks ago. Totally priceless. Today I went to an AACA (Western Reserve Chapter) meet at DeBonne Winery in Madison, Ohio. About a 45 minute ride from my house. Almost 200 cars braved the cloudy skies and dodged a few rain drops to get there. I thi
  16. Could you supply a link to this post? I can't locate it by doing a search " Exclusive AACA Parts Program " Thanks Bill
  17. I haven't heard any news one way or the other...yet. Bill
  18. Be sure the flex plate is on correctly. I believe it is balanced and if not installed correctly your engine will have the shakes. Bill
  19. Got a few miles in this evening. I spent the last few days working on my son's truck and got a bit of time where the weather was above 50 degrees and it wasn't raining. I'm up to 164 miles so far. I think that's more than all of last year. I stopped at the town hall to get a quick photo. the sky looked great. This is beautiful downtown Gustavus, Ohio. I drove by a few of our famous landmarks and will post photos of them next trip. And the odometer turned to 50,000 miles. Thanks for the 2019 challenge. Bill
  20. I'll call today's ride my "Shame Ride". After reading about everyone else's additional mileage I HAD to go out for a drive this evening. I worked around the yard all day but at 5:00 p.m. I heard the whistle blow and put the top down. Other than stopping for picking up some refreshments for this evening at the IGA, I didn't go anywhere special. Got some highway time in and some back road driving. After all it's 4 miles for me to go around the block where I live. I'm up to 109. Next drive I'll probably turn the odometer to 50K. And all of today's drive was with the top down.
  21. I'm up for the challenge.. Haven't driven much in the past few years so maybe I need a challenge as an excuse. Odometer reset to ZERO. Ready to drive........after she gets a bath and a quick checkup of course. thanks After a cleaning and some transmission fluid, I got 40.2 miles completed for the challenge. Hoping we have nice weather later in the week to catch-up with everyone else.
  22. Thanks for giving us the info. Will keep try and remember it for sure. Thanks Bill
  23. Edges aren’t sharp. i was thinking some sort of sifter for a powder? You would tap the handle gently with your finger to get the powder to fall through. But with only one hole, not much would fall through. ???? thanks
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