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  1. Peter P

    1925 McLaughlin Buick Rear end

    Thank you everyone. Prrhaps it is the original 1926 Studebaker rear end after all.
  2. Looking for opinions on what this 1927 Studebaker engine might be worth? Will it fit in my 1926 Standard Six Hardtop Duplex Roadster? Peter Calgary
  3. Peter P

    Unknown wire rims

    Thank you everyone
  4. Peter P

    1928 Studebaker radiator cap $25

    Nice, where are you located?
  5. Peter P

    Unknown wire rims

    Can anyone ID these wire rims? Year? Make??
  6. Can anyone tell me what year truck this was from? It is a Canadian made grill but I have not seen the Indian Head symbol before. Year, model and value if possible? Thank you Peter
  7. Peter P

    1925 Buick master 55x restoration

    Any updates to this great thread?
  8. Where are you guys located Jack? I could not find you doing a google search Peter
  9. What is he looking for Robert? I am meeting up with a fellow in his 80's and he know a lot about the early Studebakers
  10. Not sure if the year is correct but this rear end is under my 1925 Studebaker Standard Six ER Hardtop Roadster. I want to ID which McLaighlin Buick model and year this came from, I will likley try to sell it and find a year correct Studebaker rear end. Can someone ID this rear and as per year and model it came off of? Thank you
  11. Peter P

    1920s gauge cluster, what is it?

    This is the rare, second version of the 1925 Studebaker dash panel.
  12. Peter P

    1925-26 Studebaker dash for sale: $250 obo

    I am not sure which version of the dash this one is. I suspect it is Version 3 or 4 of the 5 different dash versions they tried in 1925/26. Richard Quinn might be able to confirm.
  13. This is the one I have with my 1926 Coupe
  14. Great photos. Thank you for posting
  15. Peter P

    1925 Studebaker barn find dilemma

    What are you looking for ??