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  1. The name was officially changed to "Teetor Hartley Motor Company" in 1914. You will find much discrepancy in the engine numbering system. The more I dug into it, the less it made sense. The company legally changed it's name again in 1917 to the "Indiana Piston Ring Company". The engines were still being labeled "Teetor Hartley" after the legal name change. In some publications things were listed as "Teetor Hartley" and then in some others it was "Hartley Teetor". As well as sometimes being "Teeter" with the "er" instead of "or". From what I understand the Lawter that was built in New Castle, supposedly with the TH engine, never really seemed to be built. I live in New Castle and have tried many things to find out more info on Lawter. New Castle historical society has virtually nothing. I have a friend that does own a Lawter that was built in Ohio. More to follow.
  2. Bud, I just got home from the Richmond Museum (Wayne Co. Historical Society). I met with the director of the auto section of the museum. We went thru all of the Pilot info they had with no luck on the V8 info you seek. The only thing mentioned was that there were 214 Pilots built that year. How many V8s there were was not mentioned nor who manufactured the V8. The literature they had was 1913,1917 and 1920. Not much help, Kent
  3. It's a GMC not chevy.........Don't know the year.... But it's definitely rough..
  4. Bud, Yes I have known Mike for several years. I own a 1 cylinder air cooled Light Inspection Car Co. engine as well. Mike does indeed own an engine and compressor made by them. 1908 sounds correct. The engine I own, as well as the engine and compressor that Mike owns, all have the same Light Inspection Car tags on them.
  5. Bud, My tag is an "H". Kind of looks like "II" but it does have the crossbar for the "H". The lawsuit was for $230,000 dollars to cover tooling and inventory. I agree that they probably never built any....
  6. Brian, Sorry for the late reply. In the picture that you are seeing the word Richmond on is actually the words Richmond Div. This railway cart was owned by the RR. The name of the RR is on the left hand side and is hard to read. I have the actual photo. R.S. also built engines at the same time as TH. The only visible difference is the base in the early engines. For all we know they may have purchased castings from R.S. as no date is known for when the first castings were produced by T.H. if ever...
  7. Greg, Just a side note.... I do now own one of the earliest TH engines along with the TH 6 cylinder. I found and purchased a single cylinder TH engine from one of the first powered inspection cars...
  8. This is the chassis that has the Cosmopolitan TH engine in it.
  9. TH has always been a very hard subject to accurately document installations. I have documents from around 1916 that state they were used in Chevorlets. Now we all know that didn't happen. Also in a 1922 engine data book they list TH engines as being used in 3 autos. The Pilot the McFarlan and Mercury. Now figure that one out..... If you go by info that is well known about the sale of the engine business, you would never think that they put TH engines in anything after the sale. That would also be incorrect. I know of a single family owned Pilot that remains all original and was built in 1921. Still has a TH engine in it...
  10. Greg, There has never been any info found as to the original install into the Cosmopolitan. All I know is what Allen had told me in that it appeared to be factory installed..... But who knows?
  11. On July 20th 1918 the Government entered into a contract with the Garford Motor Truck company for 1000 2ton trucks. On October 23rd the government ordered another 3000 of the 2 ton trucks. Wisconsin Motor Manufacturing subcontracted the engines out to TH. The order was cancelled on November 15th 1918. As to whether any were built or survived is a good question. If you care to read the original document here is the link...... http://books.google.com/books?id=08-gAAAAMAAJ&pg=PA266&dq=teetor+hartley&hl=en&ei=Ibf6Tf-NN8-utwffkbjEDg&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=4&ved=0CDUQ6AEwAzgK#v=onepage&q=teetor%20hartley&f=false
  12. The TH engine that came from a Cosmopolitan is owned by Allen Wolff. He installed it in his American Underslung. Allen is a member here... I have info on TH being put into trucks. I will have to find it. It was for a government contract. After they started building them it ended in a lawsuit. Not sure if any survived.
  13. Teetor never did build a V8. Only 4 cylinders and 6 cylinders. Eugene LaChapels 1917 Pilot has an "L" head 6 in it. 1916 was a one year only for the V8.
  14. Hope both of you heal quickly. We can never be safe enough. One of our general supervisors at work took his off with no distractions at all. He wiped the sawdust off the table with the blade running. Took his hand right over the blade...Zing.... fingers gone....
  15. I try to follow one simple rule before buying parts. Check everything first, starting with the easiest to check. Then follow the "KISS" method. K - keep I- it S- simple S- silly So in other words just try to Keep It Simple Silly. Goofy I know, But never get focused on anything until the simplest and obvious are checked first, before spending money.....
  16. Since you have replaced the voltage regulator, I would think you have a few suspect areas to look at. Starter solenoid or possibly the neutral safety switch. have you put it into neutral to try and start it? Could also be the ignition switch. All of these can be checked with your meter.
  17. First thing to check is the voltage of the battery. Check it unhooked then hook it up and recheck then tell us what voltages you get.
  18. https://autos.yahoo.com/blogs/motoramic/from-clunker-to-concours--inside-the-restoration-of-a-rare-ruxton-223732808.html
  19. Herb Wessel Collector Car and Tractor Auction http://aumannauctions.com/index.php?ap=1&pid=35499''>http://aumannauctions.com/index.php?ap=1&pid=35499' rel="external nofollow"> http://aumannauctions.com/index.php?ap=1&pid=35499
  20. https://autos.yahoo.com/photos/dream-cars-a-vision-of-the-future-of-automobiles-slideshow/
  21. Put it back....lol just kidding...My first car was a 62 Classic with a V8. It was indestructible.
  22. Dave, That has to be the most interesting badge I have ever seen....Very nice..
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