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  1. Can anyone tell me if there is an easy way to remove the clock for repair?
  2. Can anybody tell me what is the preferred sparkplug for the above car? I think mine are wrong?? Henrywald
  3. Rusty, I have a 1948 Chrysler Coupe Convetible. The serial number on the engine begins with C-38 as you say above, however the serial number on the door post does not. It is 70687196. Do I ahve a problem here? Henrywald
  4. Good Morning All, Can someone help me trouble shoot a gasoline leak that I have in my 48 Chrysler Windsor Coupe Convt? I ought it last year as a frame up reconditioned car. Great car, I love it. My problem is that when I fill it with gas, if I fill it all the way it will leak gas for quite a while until it gets below the level of the leak. I swuspect that the leak is in the filler tube. Does anyone have any familiarity with the tank and filler and any ideas where my leak may be? Thanks, Henrywald
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