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  1. Hi Al, It's a nice model and you will get so much fun and pleasure with your new little baby next summer
  2. I'm living in France, I already bought 3 cars in USA, the last one is Mimie, my 1956 Buick Century Riviera Sedan. I asked to the seller if the car has a clear title free of liens, also asked if the seller is the owner, a broker or a dealer, it is important because the the customer protection laws are not the same, I ask to him the #VIN of course and more detailed pictures of car. A picture of the dataplate too. If the car seems right for me, I'm offering to the seller to make a deposit, I order an inspection, if the car is like as described, no problem, the seller send to me his full name and adresses and full name and adresses of his bank, a copy of his identity card is well too and I make a wire transfer bank for the balance. Once the full payment is done, the seller make all the paperwork, bill of sale, transfer of title to my name... I arrange the inland transportation with help of the seller and shipping overseas... Very easy...! No problem with internationals buyers..
  3. Hello Carine, Good to read you.. The American Car Club of France is very active, I'm a member of this club since 2004. See the website here: http://www.accf.com/ Some members of this club are from Belgium, Spain and Canada. The members of this club are receiving a magazine made by the club itself...a little gem of literature and that every 2 months. see here : http://www.accf.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=9647 The 1956 Desoto Diplomat is offered by the 2009 ACCF's lotery to the winner, everyone can buy some tickets even if you're living in US or Europe.. The last year it was a 1977 Cadillac Seville and in 2006 it was a 1967 Lincoln Continental Convertible... Every years a car is offered to the winner of this lotery. See here: http://www.accf.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=6039 Many meetings will be organized in France and South of France, you can see here a list: http://www.accf.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=9942 An international meeting is organized near from my home every year since 15 years now, it's the US Horse Power Show of Valras (34) You can see a topic about this meeting here: http://www.amergence.net/formation/MMC/i...73d9310772abeaa If you are interesting to come to this meeting I will take care to reserve your place for your car.. I will check for a meeting in april and I will tell it you.. Friendly.. Fred
  4. Hi Jim, Cars and Bob's Automobilia are good Buick parts suppliers.. Have you take a look to their online catalog...? Fred
  5. Very nice car.. I love so much the fastback.. Congratulations for this purchase !
  6. In France, in the little world of the Antique American Cars lovers, we are very sad to know this information about GM...really ! I hope that the american buyers will stop to buy Japanese or Corean cars and they will take care of the glory of their country, having like that a patriotic comportment..and helping the job of the american people.
  7. I think it is better to choose a local engineer, because if the engine needs some adjustments you can go directly to his garage.. Take a look here and see what a local engineer know to do.. http://www.accf.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=9634 If you have the time, the tools, the space, the shop manual and some knowledge in mecanic..it is not difficult..
  8. I never saw this message..? May be that the seller do not ship to international and has blocked international buyers...?! Possible...
  9. Carine, Of course..! Many meetings are organized in the South-west of France..maybe we will see us one day..? I hope it. Zondac12.. You have a good choice with FACEL-VEGA..a rare and very interesting car.. Bon dimanche à tous ( good sunday to all )
  10. Hi Phil, I do not know this event.. Do you have a link to them ? Thanks Fred
  11. Hi Leif, Congratulations !! What nice work ! I love your Buick and the color Bhigdog.. Yes..we do not have many junk yard in EU specilazed in US cars it is very hard to find and when we find a parts we need, thru Ebay or directly thru the website of the junk yard, they do not want to ship to international or they do not reply to the email sended..it is a big problem for the classic car guys in Europe, me I speak a little english and I do of my best, but I think about the man who do not speak english..it is for this reason that we have a good club in France (ACCF) and we do all we can for our members.. I find some month ago this website ACCESS USA but it is expensive...how to do ?! I do not know, sometine I'm very disappointed about some sellers. Luckly CARS and Bob's Automobilia are working for ours Buick...Thank to them
  12. Stevo, Your welcome.. It is simply my education...Thank's mum Fred
  13. Hi Leif, Your welcome, your Buick convertible is fabulous, but like you posted some much pictures about it, the reader could be in confusion about mine and your car... I hope your are not disappointed about my opinion and that you will open a new post to show your wonderful car. Regards Fred
  14. Hi the classic cars guys, What's your favorite French car...? For me, it is this one..The Best car never made in France The Citroën DS http://s242.photobucket.com/albums/ff307...3-ouverture.jpg PS: I would like to enter the picture directly into the post, but I do not know how to do, someone can help me ?
  15. ZondaC12... The main cars manufacturers in France are Renault, Peugeot and Citroën. My favourites french cars are Renault 16, Peugeot 404 and of course the famous Citroën DS... Do you like some models of antique French cars ?
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