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  1. Thank you again for all of the helpful advice and information. Paul
  2. Thank you all very much for the thoughtful responses. I'll take everything that was said here to heart as I continue with the sale of my car. The "old car" community truly is the best. Thanks again, Paul
  3. I own and intend to sell a 1987 DeTomaso Pantera GT5-S. While this is not an antique car, it is a very limited production sports car. It is estimated that only 187 GT5-S models were built. Over the last year or so, the market has really taken off for this automobile. This is especially true in Europe, and this is the reason why I would like to tap into that market. I do have experience selling cars within the US, but have never sold a car abroad. So, I am looking for any advice on advertising a car, specifically in Europe, and hopefully selling it. First, I will also advertise the car in the United States. Hemmings, Craigslist, and Pantera specific forums and web boards come to mind right away. I may even offer the car on Ebay to gain more exposure. Doing these things just might get the car some International attention. My question here is, can anyone recommend European based websites that would be best for advertising a high-end sports car? I live fairly close to the Port of Baltimore and could have the car delivered there if a sale does materialize overseas. Are there any tips or suggestions from others who have done this, about advertising and selling a car abroad? Thank you for any help. Paul
  4. Thank you very much for the replies to my question. I do have an appointment with my tax guy, but this has really been on my mind and I was looking for information. If anyone has further suggestions, please feel free to post them. Thank you, Paul
  5. I'm preparing to sell one of my personally owned cars at a profit, and am wondering about the repercussions when it comes to filing taxes for 2015. I purchased the car in 1997 for $75,000 and will be selling it for around $130,000. Are there any suggestions regarding ways that I can lessen the taxes that I will pay on this sale, and is there a way to determine a ballpark percentage that I can expect the Feds will collect? I do have an appointment to discuss this with my tax guy, but this is keeping me awake at night just thinking about it until I see him. Thanks in advance for any help. Paul
  6. Look very closely, can you find the glaring mistake on this restoration? (other than the missing hubcaps) Click to enlarge, and then scroll down for the answer. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  7. Looks like you guys nailed it - It's a winterfront! I've seen tractor trailers with grille covers, and guys with a piece of cardboard shoved in front of their radiator, but I had never seen this accessory. Thanks for the education. Paul
  8. This looks like a 1936 Chevrolet to me, but the grille is unusual. Any ideas as to what it is? Some type of cover maybe? Click the photo for a larger image. Paul
  9. An unusual 1935 Packard that is being offered on Ebay has caught my attention. The car is described as a "motorhome", and it is equipped with appliances in the interior as well as pull-down screens in the windows. The seller states, "this creation took over two years to make", however, the body looks very familiar to me. In fact, the motorhome body appears to be very similar to the 1940 Packard "Albany County Jail" vehicle pictured below it. Does anyone know more about either vehicle? Could both cars actually be the product of the same coachbuilder?
  10. Hey Keiser, that's it! Thank you! Paul
  11. This mascot recently appeared on Ebay and it's not familiar to me. Is this associated with any particular make, or could it be aftermarket? (click image for larger view) Thanks, Paul
  12. This photo has been listed for sale on Ebay. There is no caption to identify the subject of the picture, and I'm wondering what the story is behind the car with the Mobil pegasus on the door? Vintage Ephemera Vintage Photo 3 5x2 5" Motorcycle Cop Mobil Gas Car 1950'S | eBay Paul
  13. . I recently ran across this photo on the Internet. I've never seen one of these, and it seems a little redundant and probably inaccurate too. Was this just one of those fun little accessories that people would add to their car? I really like the way it looks, does anyone know more about this neat little gizmo?
  14. Right Susan! Almost makes me wish that the aircraft had never been located! . .
  15. I apologize for this post not being auto related, but thought that the attached link was just too cool to not share. A lot of us enjoy reading about barn finds and I think this story somewhat falls into that category. Click below; ‘Almost Perfectly Preserved’ WWII Fighter Discovered in Sahara Desert — 70 Years After Disappearing |
  16. . Interesting car! Here's a Buick that's been armored in a similar manner. I wonder if the same company modified both? "The Nashville Police Department’s armored emergency chase car, a 1935 Buick Model 90 seven-passenger sedan with bulletproof glass able to stop .45 caliber rounds in all windows, steel plates on all sides, fender guards to protect the tires, armored window port to fire from and heavy armor over the grill to protect the radiator."
  17. Beautiful car George! I see you're in PA, is there a story behind the European tags on the car? Paul
  18. Well, it's missing some parts and is located in Argentina, but think about it, when was the last time you saw one of these on Ebay? Ok experts, what is your opinion on this one? (click below) <CLICK below> 1899 DE DION BOUTON VIS A VIS Voiturette Single Cylinder Vehicle 1899 DE DION BOUTON VIS A VIS Voiturette Single Cylinder Vehicle | eBay
  19. One of the reasons that I like the photos of the old Pontiac is because they remind me of the scene below - remember the movie?
  20. I discovered this series of photos on the Internet and found them to be captivating. It's amazing to see how the environment has altered this old girl...
  21. The Ebay listing is for a 1961 Sabra Roadster that was supposedly shown at the 1961 World's Fair. I've never heard of this car. Does anyone know anything about Sabra, because I'd like to learn more. Thanks. Other Makes Other Makes | eBay < click here
  22. I first became familiar with the GMC V12 when I started work on my '62 GMC truck (V6). One of the resources that provided valuable information was the 6066 GMC Guy . The link below discusses GMC V12 myths; ** click here ** The next link provides general information about the GMC V12; ** click here ** . . .
  23. This is kind of fun. Keep watching, the video gets really entertaining further along... click here> Patrolling the streets of 1940s Los Angeles - YouTube <CLICK p here< here<CLICK>. . . .