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  1. Whenever I travel, I love to search out great food - this even applies when I'm attending car shows and swap meets. For instance, at the Carlisle shows I make a point of eating at Stoltzfus PA Dutch Foods (located in the food court on the backside of the grandstands). Their ham and cheese sandwiches are incredible, and the potato salad is so sweet that it could be dessert. They also have great homemade pies and soups that I like to sample. Stoltzfus has become a part of the Carlisle shows for me, and because they're centrally located I don't even have to leave the fairgrounds. At Hershey, howe
  2. . . . Something is missing here. Photos of beautiful cars just don't seem to be complete without some beautiful women. So, here is a period photo that should fill that void. No explanation is needed for this photo, as it pretty much speaks for itself... . . . . .. . . .
  3. This is an interesting photo to study. It captures the scene outside of a subway fire in New York, on January 6, 1915. On the right, we see a Buick dealership with two gentlemen standing outside on the second story ledge! Across the street from Buick is located the Fisk Tire Company, "When it's ..... time to re-tire". Barely visible next to Fisk, behind the white horses, is the Ford Motor Company. In the foreground we see a couple of autos, one with a placard bearing PDNY and another with FDNY. Between these autos is a horsemounted police officer. Across the street is a line of autos with long
  4. Two photos from Fifth Avenue in New York...
  5. My grandfather, George P. Stanaland, with his 1926 or 1927 Oakland.
  6. Here's my favorite period photograph. Across the top is written "Traffic Squad Parade ... Arrival Mayor McClellan". Additional information found with this photo states; "Traffic Squad Parade, November 5, 1908. Mayor George McClellan alighting from auto on the plaza at Union Square. 5x7 glass negative, George Grantham Bain Collection. "Max" McClellan, New York mayor from 1904 to 1909, was the son of Civil War general George B. McClellan." I enjoy the photo's composition, and when viewed at full size, the photo's clarity really gives it depth.
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