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  1. Hello. Interrested in the tire if still available. Thanks gb_laird@hotmail.com
  2. Wanted complete or parts for the Buffalo #5 wire wheel locking center hub nut. Right or left side needeed, Thanks gb_laird@hotmail.com
  3. Hello. According to the build sheet on my 46 Lincoln Convertible ( body 294) the following exterior colors were available: Black Marine Blue Willow Green Sheldon Gray Wing Gray Surf Green Skyline Blue Lincoln Maroon The top color ( tan in my case) was written in by hand, as was the interior leather color ( blue). Let us know if you find further info.
  4. Thank You for the support and encouragement. I will certainly post my questions once I get into the engine later this year.
  5. Hello. I will be rebuilding my first V12 soon, and I wondered if there were a few specific things I should watch for. I have rebuilt flathead before, but never a V12. Also I do not think the regular engine stand which holds the block at the bellhousing would be appropriate given the length and weight, so what have others done? Also is there a quick list of parts which interchange with the V8 Flatheads of the same year, such as fuel pump, water pumps, etc.? Thank You
  6. Hello. I have the build sheet for my Lincoln Zephyr convertible. On the build sheet, the serial number is clearly H 149475 ( 46 ). This serial also appears on the frame and transmission. Now...the body tag on the firewall which has the same body number as the build sheet ( 294 ) starts with a 5EH ( 47 models). The car was started Dec. 13, 1946 and delivered Dec. 23, 1946 to the dealer in Florida. Does this make it a 46 model or a 47? Appreciate your comments.
  7. Hello. Could someone give me the actual overall body width of the 46 lincoln (convertible). Thanks
  8. Nothing yet. Still looking. Thanks.Grant
  9. Hello. I am looking for specs for the 52 Buick Super. need length, width, weight ( for the conv.) Thanks
  10. Paul...sounds good. Now if I can only find that 46 to 48 conv. project..... Thank You Grant
  11. Still looking for that convertible complete or project. Any leads appreciated. Thanks Grant 306 764 2413
  12. Wanted to buy the center locking parts for the number 5 Buffalo Wire Wheel. Will buy complete nuts or whatever parts you may have. Grant 306 764 2413
  13. Wanted a complete or project buick convertible. Thanks Grant 306 764 2413
  14. Wanted to buy a 46 to 53 Buick complete or project car. Thanks Grant 306 764 2413
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