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  1. Effectively, the first letter is a Q and not a O. I confirm that the following number are I66I. What they means? and, i don't remember, the other numbers stamped on little label starting with 222- 1591, and fixed on firewall, have a particular meaning?
  2. I think that a forum should be used only to share the same passion and be of help to those who, like me, does not have enough specific knowledge. It may happen that there are different opinions and different ways of interpreting things. All these things I think is right managed privately. I live at the other side of the world, and I fields concerned what happens to you, but I care about how you can help me to complete my car. Then on the level of restoration, each has their own preferences, perhaps we Italians have the ability to restore the car with the greatest respect for the originality in the world.
  3. Sorry: we use a english terms: bulkhead = firewall
  4. Joe, thanks for your compliments. Arms: iron curved and then nichel covered. for your question underlined.. please specify !!! your english is to much difficoult for me. For the numbers on the bulkhead, they are 0I66I, i don't know if the vertical bar are numbers (one) or simply a divisory.
  5. For Joe: enclose you find the photos of rear support. The support come from vintageandclassicreproductions, the arm is self made. It's look like original, but other seen are only in one piece, not 2 (arm and support). For the number, ...sorry i have forgot it, maybe in the afternoon I come back from mechanic. for Rusty_OT, thanks, the car is 1929
  6. Ok Joe, when I come back to home I will control the number and I will post detailed Pics, You must waiting Sat-Sund. Stefano
  7. Great "Phil" Also in Italy we have "fiscal power" in italian language "Cavalli fiscali". I don't know the formula, but it was, for several years, the parameter for calculating the car tax. This system run until some years ago, now for our tax we are using KW (KiloWatt) = Horsepower x 0,746 Now remain the question about Rpm !! Maybe you can find this data on the car brochure or on old magazine from the period
  8. No, but i have found some bits before restoring . I have a rubber carpet on the floor until pedal, and a protective jacket from pedal to top bulkhead. if you want i can post some detailed pic's
  9. yes !! I think 63 HP but rpm ??? I see : N.A.C.C Horsepower rating - 27.34 ??? what does it mean? NACC equal to ? other; max speed ? thanks for your help
  10. Hallo to all my DB,DA friend, 99% of restore is done. only side windows needed for ultimate the restore. I have tryed the car on the road the last week... fantastic. I have one curiosity: i don't know the max rev at max powerhorse. this data is necessary for obtaining the documents for new number plate. I'm sorry for the purist, for a monotone colour and nickeled front windshield frame and pillars... any coments are welcomed cheers everybody Stefano, Ferrara, Italy
  11. Thanks my friends !!! I will do a mix of all our informations. Sure i will do flaps. I agree for rubber on the floor, but i have found under front seat in the back, between the recess and the rear floor, a carpet band. However, soon i will post some pictures.
  12. Hello !!! anybody wants help me ??? Who, best of you, forum people, can help me.... DA Owners, please put some pic's !! Thanks
  13. Yes the car is Keiser31 shownd, before restoring. under the seats i have found little parts of original trim ( material and shape), but nothing about door finished. on yellow car picture, i can immagine !!the door, but if there are detailed pic's is better. for example, the piping around panel is correct? . for me No !!. there are on the net other pic's with panel with relief cord between sewing at 2 cm. from the edge.
  14. Maybe someone remember me, I'm DA owner from Italy. The works are to be finish, but i need again your precious help. I'm not able to find a good picture of door panels trim shape. i'm not sure of panel design; the pocket finiture. Is the panel complete plain? or there is a edging all around? The pocket is totaly open or there is a rigid protecion on top? Pic's are welcomed !!!! below is my mail adress. best59@infinito.it
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