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  1. GaryH, I have two other 38s. 90 series that Acuff did some years ago and they are outstanding. I called him and he said he retired. I ask about the molds he still had them. I also asked if anyone had tried to purchase them? He said someone inquired, but never followed up. I guess I will give this guy shoot. Vintagerunnungboardrubbermats.com
  2. GaryH, Have you had experience With these people?
  3. The rubber is for 1938 Century.
  4. Where can find replacement rubber?
  5. Where can I get replacement for my 38 60 series?
  6. Must mean $5500???
  7. Counter or cluster gear for big series transmission:)
  8. Does any one know where I may purchase a Counter or Cluster gear for a 38 Large Series?