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  1. Hello, I have just seen the previous 3 responses to my original post. I am hoping to make contact with Braden to see if he still has the chassis. Thanks very much to Howard Dennis for posting the photographs, which have enabled me to confirm that the engine is a match for mine, although I have the steering column on the wrong side, having been modified for Australian conditions. Here is a recent image of the car.
  2. I am searching for a supplier of copper head gaskets. I need a head gasket for my 1914 4-cyl Model 25~4.
  3. Thank you Chuck. The Maxwell Messenger site link is particularly useful. regards,
  4. Thank you for the information. I suspected that I might have to build some parts from scratch. The suggestion about the Chrysler parts is welcome. regards,
  5. I live in Perth, Western Australia and I'm restoring a 1914 Maxwell 25/4. Parts are very difficult to source over here, so I am seeking suppliers in USA. Does anyone have any suggestions for supplies of engine, clutch and gearbox parts? Thanks,
  6. Thank you for the information and comments, Howard. I'm sure they'll be useful to me. rgds, Philpy.
  7. I am a novice restorer who is in the process of rebuilding the motor of a 1914 Maxwell 25/4 Tourer. I am considering putting a new muffler on the car. Can anyone provide advice on size and suitability? thanks,
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