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  1. Can anyone tell me if it will be possible to find parking for my show trailer at the host site on the morning of the Gettysburg show. I need to register today, or tomorrow if I'm going, but I hear there are 700 vehicles registered and the lot will probably be full. Any suggestions are appreciated and I'll base my decision on the knowledge I receive here. Thanks, George
  2. Thanks for the pic Don! I think my kid's only took 2 pic's of the truck while we were there and I was standing in the way of both of them. Take care, George
  3. Susan, It's in 22C. I've been planning on going to the Gettysburg show since last year, but I'm not sure now. I've read some recent post's here on the hotel issues and it's swayed me a little. If I decide to go, I might just drive to the show early Saturday morning and leave that afternoon. I'm not sure, but I can probably get there in about 3 hours. Take care, George
  4. Thanks, It was a beautiful day, I met some great people, my truck won a Senior and we made the 6-hour drive home safely... not too shabby! Thanks again, George
  5. Found a good matching T3 this morning at the junkyard! I should be ready for Charlotte now. Hope to see some of you all down there. George
  6. Thanks Novaman. I guess I'll see if I can scrounge up a headlight somewhere. Today looks like a good day to hit the local junkyards... for me, any day is a good day at the junkyard! Take care, George
  7. I'm taking my '55 Chevy NAPCO Suburban to Charlotte in two weeks to try for a Senior Award and had a couple questions for the judges. I blew one of my T3 headlights while driving on the show field in the cold, early morning hours at Fall Hershey. I have been struggling to find a replacement, but finally found the correct size T3 in a 1954 Chevy school bus. The only difference in the bulb is that the small triangle in the center has vertical lines in it, while the other does not. Most people would never see it, but I'm sure a judge will... is this a deduction? Also, I got a copy of the judging sheet for my truck from Fall Hershey and it shows that I had 3 total deductions: 1. Distributor- I assume I lost a point here because I didn't have the metal Delco tag in place. Action taken: It has since been riveted on. 2. Radiator Core- I have no idea how I got a deduction here, but I'm sure it was a valid reason. The only thing I can think of is that the radiator has a metal shroud on it, which is rare for 6 cylinders. Action taken: None yet. 3. At the bottom of the judging sheet, there is a note that says "Other- Oil fill cap". I'm assuming this is because I didn't have the crankcase decal on the cap. Action taken: I ordered this the other day and will have it in place next week. I know it's hard to guess when you haven't seen the vehicle, but are there other deductions concerning these 3 parts I might be overlooking? All items are completely rebuilt and look new, so I'm fairly sure the deductions were not for poor condition. Thanks for any help/advice! George
  8. On a side note; I was standing in front of my truck at the Hershey show in class 22C and I watched a guy walk to each truck and open the passenger door, then shut it. I assumed he was one of the judges with a stack of judging sheets, placing one in each truck. After he passed by, I checked the seat and it was a flyer for another car show. I didn't think it was that strange until I told someone else about it and they said that that was a big no-no. I'm not that touchy about my vehicle (probably because it's a truck), so I didn't stress over it, but I can see where some people might get mad. Take care, George
  9. Thanks to all for the welcome and kind words. You all seem to have a great club going and I'm glad to be a new member. Rick, If I recall correctly, the green Chevy parked two spaces from mine was a FLAWLESS 1951. That truck was beautiful and was a well deserved winner. Congrats! Take care, George
  10. Just found this forum and it looks like a great place to find info! For whatever it's worth, here was my experience at Fall Hershey: I registered my vehicle for the show on the last day they were accepting entrants. Within a few days, I received a brochure telling me about the meet and how to prepare my vehicle for judging (open hood, be prepared to open doors/answer questions, don't engage judges with questions, stay out of the way unless needed). Two weeks before Hershey I had taken my truck to a non-judged truck-only show in Winchester VA; this was my only experience in any show of any kind. Let me add that I'm a hillbilly from the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia and I'm not real comfortable in crowds/traffic. When I arrived at Hershey on Friday afternoon, I parked my truck/trailer in the parking lot that was shown on the map I was sent with my brochure. I went to the registration tent and received my packet and was told everything I needed to know... even which lane to drive in the next morning. I drove on at about 6:30 am Saturday and was guided to my parking spot. At just after 10:00 am, the Chief Judge told me they were about to judge my vehicle. They were extremely professional and asked me no questions. Summary: Every single person I met from the AACA was helpful and courteous and made my first stressful show a great experience. I had planned on entering my truck in only small local shows, but now I'm glad that I went to "The Big One" and I now plan to enter in more AACA shows. As a retired Marine and former Drill Instructor, I'm a stickler for details and was completely impressed with how such a large show could be run so well. I give a big, heartfelt thank you to the people of the AACA... they worked like they were getting paid for it! Take care, George
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