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  1. So after some investigation, a call to Tom Myers (Myers early Dodge Parts), I found what was needed. So, the procedure is to remove the hub cap, and then a little pin which secures the axle shaft to the hub. Remove the 8 hub nuts, and remove the hub. This then exposes the locking adjustment nut which is secured in place with a screw. Loosen the screw and remove the nut. Now the outer bearing may be removed, then the wheel (with the brake drum) pulled off, then finally the inner wheel bearing. Pretty easy once the magic of removing the hub was discovered : ) I have also attached the picture from a parts manual showing all the pieces and parts. I am amazed that Dodge still does the parking brake basically the same way to this day (my 2003 Ram1500 4WD), using inner brake pads which ride inside the brake drum on the reverse of the disc brake rotor. I guess if it works, don't fix it applies? Thanks for all the help.
  2. So it seems I don't need a puller after all. I have to remove the front plate of the wheel, and there is a through bolt which needs removed. I will post an update later tonight with some pictures to help the next guy : ) Jon
  3. Thanks for the offer. My thread is 16. Searching eBay now : )
  4. Thanks for the quick reply. Do you know off-hand what the thread specs for the wheel are so I can know I have the correct puller? Most pullers I can find, the sellers have no idea what they fit.
  5. So, trying to check wheel bearings on rear wheels of my 1916 DB Touring Car. First time inspecting so I want to be sure I don't break anything taking the wheel off. The Axle shaft seems loose, but the wheel and drum won't budge. Is a puller required?
  6. I believe the holes in the top of the door you may be referring to are for the side curtain rods that are removable? Jon
  7. Attached are a few pictures of the top saddle/top rest I am looking for. Anyone out there have one to sell? Please let me know. I know they are out there.....just need to find them ! The number on the back spine is a #417. The same part fits both right or left side. Thanks, Jon
  8. Top saddles are my "Life". Yes there are about as many kinds/numbers/styles as there are cars. I have been hunting for a pair of top saddles for a Dodge Brothers 1921 Roadster. I recently found one, and in unbelievable great condition. I need one more! In my quest, I have found so many wrong saddles, and no way to cross them to a car. Its all word of mouth...... A great idea for the club would be to try and document saddles/numbers/pictures of the saddles to a year and model. That would help others down the road. While we are on the topic, anyone have a #417. Imouttahere, you have a picture of the 418 to share?
  9. Yet another one on eBay....... Item number: 180333718310
  10. I have been told to look for a saddle with the part number 191 on it. Same for both sides because it mounts through the spine without any offset clamp. Anyone out there see any 191 top saddles? Thanks,
  11. Washed away in the flood? WOW.... In my limited time of "searching", this is the only one I have seen like this as well. Again, any help is appreciated.
  12. Wow thats quite a collection. Unfortunately I do not see one I need. Attached is a picture of what I am looking for. Many thanks for showing the collection. For sure i will keep this picture around for reference.
  13. John....Thanks for the effort. What numbers are on the spine and underside of your handle? Your saddles look exactly like the ones I have. Here is a picture of mine with the numbers exposed as I took paint stripper to it so they may be seen. My Saddle number shows 211L and 211R and under the clamp handle it shows PAT Nov 25-11 and BAIR. Thanks....
  14. John, I think these are the correct ones for my '21. Now all I have to do is find a pair! Thanks for the help.
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