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  1. You now have a private mail. Thanks, IndianFour
  2. I am interested in obtaining gasket manuals for Victor, McCord and Fitzgerald. Especially interested in cross-reference for all three brands. Years wanted are from 1930 until 1960. Thanks, IndianFour
  3. I am in need of Victor McCord and Fitzgerald catalogs and exchange manuals. Years 1930 to 1960's. Please answer via Private Mail. Thanks!!
  4. Steve: I have just now sent you a private message concerning your needs. IndianFour
  5. I have just run across a jack that is inscribed 'AJAX' in my collection. Any one interested???
  6. Is this car still available? I sent a PM and received no response!!!
  7. Am interested in all four fenders but especially the rear ones!! Is you car a roadster or touring car? Indian Four
  8. Thank you , Sir: I guess that I was looking at the wrong number. I have an excuse though, due to my age. That always works!! Indian Four
  9. I have just listed on Ebay Motors one NOS Stromberg Carburetor AAV26. two barrel and Aerotype. Item number: 300533119161. Thanks for looking!
  10. I failed to mention that I have also listed one Stromberg Carburetor AAV 26. I do not know if this can take the place of the AAV25 or now. Maybe with some linkage changes ??? Item # 300533119161 Check it out and you decide it will fit your '36 or '37 Cord. Thanks! New Old Stock
  11. I have now listed on Ebay Motors one Chromed oil-filler tube as used on 1933 Standard Eight Packards. This item will probably fit other Series beside the 1933 Tenth series. You be the judge!! Item #: 300533037018. Thanks for looking!!
  12. I have just listed on Ebay Motors one carburetor for Willys Station Wagon, Jeepster and Panel Delivery. Item #300532859472. Thanks for looking!!
  13. Just listed on Ebay Motors: two master cylinders and one carburetor. Carburetor number is 300532851646. Check them out!! Thanks!! All these items for BUICKS!
  14. Just listed on EBAY motors one distributor for a 36 37 Cord. Autolite . Item #: 300533112049. Check it out!!
  15. What is the price that you are asking for one wire plugs? I would be interested in six or more. Indian four
  16. I ahve had several forum users that were interested in the ignition points that I stated that I had. They are now listed on EBAY as item #300520539230. Thanks for your interest!!
  17. A while back, I listed on this forum that I had ten sets of points for the 36--48 Lincoln Zephyr. I had several that were interested so I thought it would be fair to list on Ebay, which I have now done. Item #300520539230
  18. I have just now listed on EBAY MOTORS one fully restored back to original, 1946 Indian Chief. This bike has had the works! Item # 300519025596. Thanks, IndianFour
  19. I still have this car in storage!! Somebody needs this car!! IndianFour
  20. This is a picture of an AUBURN Four door convertible sedan (Phaeton) from 1929 Model 8-120 or of a 1930 Model 8-125. This is the large eight cylinder models.
  21. I have found in my collection ofignition parts, two boxes of ignition points for the 1936-1948 Lincoln Zephyr. Each box contains 10 sets and for right and left. TUNGSTEN Products. Came from Auto Parts Store that closed in the very early 1960's. Is there any interest in them?
  22. Just listed on EBAY MOTORS: one very heavily made starter switch for an older car. This is a 12 volt starter so that probably eliminates a lot of cars.. If you can identify this switch please let me know. Item #: 300512727952. Thanks for your interest!!
  23. I have just listed on EBAY MOTORS one HUPMOBILE hub-cap. This must be for an early Hupmobile, maybe in the early twenties??? This is a heavy cap, very well made and is not perfect but still nice enough to use as-is!! Item #: 300512302758. Thanks!
  24. The distributor listed is for years 1946 through 1949 in the Models listed. Thanks!
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