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  1. I have several mufflers (heavy duty) that fit: 1937--1949 Buick 8 cyl. all series except 41 series 90 and 49 series 50 and 70. 1960 Buick all series single exhaust 1959 Buick all series left front on duel exhaust 1957 Buick all models front dual exhaust 1958 Buick all series with 2" tail pipe 1956 Buick 40-50-60 series with single exhaust 1959 Buick series 4600 front single exhaust 1957 Buick series 40 50 60 70 left rear 1957 Buick series 40 50 60 70 right rear. I also have several other Buick mufflers that I am not listing..Send private mail for more info. Muffler prices starting at $75.00 plus shipping via UPS. Also have lots of other makes for same years.
  2. I have lots of new and/or rebuilt carburetors from a parts store the closed in early 1960's. Here is a few of them: Carter Dual-Throat Oldsmobile 88 1952--1953 1946--1948 Chrysler 8 cylinder vacuum transmission and fluid drive 1950--1952 Packard 6 cylinder Carter 1954 Desoto Chrysler six cylinder Power Flite Carter Ball & bALL 1954 Oldsmobile V/8 Rochester four barrel. Asking $90.00 each or ??? Please reply via Private message. Thanks, IndianFour
  3. Gary: I, have just now sent you a private message concerning Studebaker carburetors. IndianFour
  4. I attended every Hershey swap meet starting in 1963 when I purchased my very first car, a 1936 Oldsmobile touring sedan with a straight eight engine. I missed very few Meets during those years until the late 1990's. And I can surely remember all the good times that we had and all the interesting people that we met.!! We also all remember all the rain, mud and slipping and sliding on those aisles that we had to conquer in order to find that one item that we just had to have!! One memory stands out above all the others, though!! In one of the fields, I found a vendor that had for sale a complete set, front and rear Balcrank bumpers and bumperettes for a late 1920's automobile. They were still in the original boxes. He quoted me a price of $400.00 and I thought that was way too much. I thought I would wait towards the end of the Meet and go back and really get a bargain. However, when I returned, he had closed and left the Meet. I had the Vendors program and as soon as I returned home, I tried to make contact with him but to no avail! I finally gave up on ever finding those Balcranks again. The next year, I was tramping through all ,the various aisles and lo and behold, there was the bumpers that I was searching for!! Same vendor but different location. He quoted me the same price as the year before and I sure started counting money right away!! I later installed those bumpers on an Auburn Speedster. Of course we all remember all the times that we attended Hershey and didn't find anything that we were looking for but we still enjoyed all the good times that we had!! It was surely something that we all looked forward to but now, due to age, we can't walk those aisles any longer.. But we still have our memories!! IndianFour
  5. I am interested in the following items for a 1968 Chevrolet 427 big block: Alternator Delco-Remy 1100696; Starter: DelcoRemy 1107365; distributor: DelcoRemy 1111296 water-pump GM 3856284. Any help is appreciated!! IndianFour
  6. I still am in need of this tail-light!! Either one marked "SEELITE" or "APROVLITE STANDARD" Please check your shelves!!! Thanks, In dianFour
  7. Check all of your old car parts; you just might just have one!!! IndianFour
  8. TAIL-LIGHTS STILL NEEDED!!! Marked 'SEELITE' and/or 'APROVLITE STANDARD' on top of body. IndianFour (These lites are not for cycles!!
  9. I had troublere-locating the ad for these Hudson engines! These are located in Stilesville, Indiana. This is the wording of the ad: Two 1930 Hudson engines and transmission. Straight 8's one is over-hauled and other removed but is still running. All complete from fan to transmission. One drive shaft and extra parts Contact: Ernie at home: 1-317-539-2544 or cell phone: 317-260-7722. I hope that they are still available!! IndianFour PS: asking $2000.00 for everything!!!
  10. As listed on craigslist: two 1930 Hudson straight eight engines and other various parts; all for $2000.00. Craigslist: r55f8-3205649873@sale.craigslist.org Good luck to you Hudson owners. I have NO interest in this but thought some Hudson owner might be interested!! IndianFour
  11. Still wanting tail-lights marked: SEELITE and/or PROVLITE STANDARD. IndianFour
  12. Indianfour


    I have just discovered a N.O.R.S. out-side non-locking door handle for 1935--1936 for Plymouth 1935--1936. Been setting on my shelf forat least forty years in the original box. Let me know via private mail if you are in need of one. Thanks, IndianFour
  13. I have two mid-twenties roadster doors for a GARDNER. They are complete with all hinges, inside and outside door hadles and still has the leather upholstery for the correct pattern. Even has some of the original paint and pin-striping!! They are priced at $400.00 for the pair. Also, I have other miscellaneous items for GARDNER automobiles, including set of head-lights with mounting bar, a complete hood and dash, and a very nice radiator with radiator shell and radiator cap. Private mail works best for me!!! IndianFour
  14. I am wanting to buy any tail-light that is marked: on top of body: SEELITE or marked: APROVLITE STANDARD. Will buy all that you have!! IndianFour. Private Message is best for me!
  15. Sir: Did you locate a fuel pump for your Chrysler? I have one that is listed for Chrysler 1939 to 1950 eight cylinder. IndianFour
  16. Sir: I am trying to obtain the 8" MONOGRAM lenses for a gentleman in Australia. I do not know what car they are for but he stated that they must be that size. do you have a set of eight inch ?? Let me know and I can notify him of cost and I will handle the shipping charges to him. Thanks for your fast reply!! IndianFour
  17. I am wanting to purchase two Monogram headlight lenses that measure 8 1/2 inches across. Eight and one half inches across. This site or Private message will be fine!! INDIANFOUR
  18. Lots of glass tail, stop and parking lenses for sale. Twenty dollars (($20) for a pair. !. '39 Chev., 37 & 38 Olds and '39 Pontiac. #2 '46--'48 Buick parking lenses. #3. '37 and '38Pontiac #4 '42 & 47 Olds. and 5. '47 and '48 pontiac parking lenses. Many many more to choose from!! IndianFour I prefer PM's. Thanks!!
  19. Has anyone hadv experience in re-dying whole leather hides for upholstery?? I have several large hides and I have never been satisfied with my choice of color!! Any one had experiences along these lines?? Please answer via Private mail. IndianFour
  20. A while back, somebody on this forum stated that they had lots of old tail-lights! I am interested in a light that has "SEELITE" on top of body and has two mounting bolts and the electric mounting fixture in a verticle position on the back of the body. This was used on autos in the later 1920's. Most came with a lense that said: "STOP" on the top of lense. Interested in buying only the body but would buy the lense and bezel as well!! Thanks!! IndianFour
  21. B T T T Victor Literature and interchange charts
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