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  1. DelcoRemy Distributor 1111296 Alternator 1100696 Waterpump 3856284 for 1968 Chevrolet. Thanks!!
  2. kmstrade: Send me your Email address so that I can send photos.
  3. I have found two sets of headlights that have been hanging from the ceiling joists in my garage. They must have been there for thirty years or more!! One set is marked: Dodge (one light has lens marked"DB" and other light has a lens marked "National" The second set of lights is marked "Chevrolet" and says 'Twilite" Guide Made in USA. Both lens are marked: Twilite Chevrolet. These lights seem to be complete with most parts but would need refurbishing for showing. Can you help me with identifying what model years these lights would fit? Also could somebody help me put some images on this site? Thanks!! (Private messages preferred)
  4. I have a set of four sixteen (16") inch Dayton wire wheels. Hubs are from 1928--1930 Auburn ModelS: 115 120 125. Asking $250 each and want to sell as a set. Thanks!! (Knock-off hubs) Private mail is preferred.
  5. I purchased a car many years ago that was fitted with Dayton wire wheels that had been cut down to 16". Very common thing to do back then!!! These are '28 through "30 Auburn hubs with sixteen outer and forty-eight inner spokes with non-original outer rims. I have four of them and could send images if anyone is interested. IndianFour Private messages only. Thanks!! PS: Originally 18" wheels. Back to the top!!
  6. Are you still active in the "Studebaker" forums? Wanted to talk about tail-lights for late twenties cars, Stude and Erskine. Thanks, IndianFour
  7. Thank you Sir!! I'll give them a call.
  8. Would like to purchase a tail-light for 1928 or 1929 Erskine or Studebaker.. Marked "SEELITE" or "STALITE" or ???. Thanks!!
  9. It seems as though about any color would be correct in detailing a 1927 Continental engine. I guess that I'll go with the black color!! Thanks for your replies!!
  10. Pat: I have sent you a private message! IndianFour
  11. Would like to know proper paint color for a 1927 Continental engine "9K". Is it to be black?? Thanks!!
  12. What is the correct color of paint for Continental engine as used in 1927?? I am thinking that black was used but want to verify this. Thanks, IndianFour
  13. Larry: Am interested in finding a tail-light body with or without lense for late 1920's auto. Thanks!!
  14. Advice needed to properly silver solder head-light and cowl light bezels. Have been doing regular soldering of copper tubing but have never tried to do any silver soldering. If you can, would you walk me through the proper steps , equipment needed, proper gas to use and so forth. Thanks!!
  15. Buick: '53 '56 all models V/8 Oldsmobile: '50 '57 eight cyl. Chevrolet: '58 '59 v/8 348" Lincoln: '58 '59 v/8 Mercury v/8 except 312" engine Federal truck '36 '37 Stewart truck '38 '41 Brockway truck '36 '42 Continental motor '33 '46 Kaiser '46 '54 Frazer '46 '49 Still in original boxes from the 1960's. Made by International Parts Company. Price: $50.00 plus shipping to your Zip Code Please reply via Private Mail.
  16. TG57: You now have a private message!! Thanks, IndianFour
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