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  1. Can any one identify this wooden steering wheel?? Measures 17" in diameter, has four aluminum spokes, 7/8'' center hole with 2 keyways. Is marked: Letter 'S' in a small square box and then part number : C-18866. I have owned this wheel for fifty years and never did know what it was made for!!
  2. Ihave a NOS GM spotlight still in original carton GM part number986308. Original installation instructions in box. Says Patented April '49. Asking $175.00 plus shipping to your zip area. Thanks!!
  3. I have an original GM 6-8Volt spotlight, still in original box. Instruction sheet says: Patented: 1949. Box is shop-worn but light is very nice!!Asking $175.00 for this new and un-used GM spotlight. Thanks!! Private messages work best!!
  4. Alan: I have found in my cluttered garage a head-light switch that is marked: AMERICAN 30. I do not know if this is just the brand name or is actually for an "American automobile. Mounts on dash with two bolts and is marked: OFF DASH TAIL ALL. This is a lever type switch. Can you identify? IndianFour
  5. Is there now or has there been in the past a Franklin Club project concerning the bearings and/or seals for the Ross and the Gemmer steering gear boxes as used on the Franklin, Auburns and other cars in the late 1920's?? Thanks for anyinformation you may have!!
  6. Is there any Company specializing in providing bearings and seals for 1930's Gemmer or Ross steering boxes?? Any info appreciated!!
  7. Still interested in '50 Plymouth radio!! IndianFour
  8. Which is the original from the factory?? 1959 Plymouth Special Deluxe four door sedan. Everything is original and only 44,000 miles. Been in same family since purchased locally in 1950. Thanks!! SORRY but misprint:: Car is 1950 Model Plymouth.
  9. I have listed in the CCCA Technical Section one very nicely and freshly painted and chromed trunk that has original fitted luggage. This is a very nice trunk and deserves to be adorning a beautiful Classic automobile!! Measurements are listed in the original Post. Located in Indiana. Former member of the Indiana Region of the "Classic Car Club of America". Thanks!!
  10. Have just found in my garage an old speedometer fitting that mounts to front wheel with cogs with an armoured cable going to dash. Only markings: AC SPEEDOMETER and AC FLINT. Seems to be in a good condition. Must be for early teens: 1913 1916 thugh not for sure. If interested, send e-mail with address so I can send images. IndianFour ( If you can identify this item , please let me Know! )
  11. Just for old times sake, I would like to contact Bill Locke( the one with the Elcars, SS100 Jaguars and a '30's Mercer. Former member of the Indiana Region of the Classic Car Club of America. IndianFour Thanks!!
  12. Need to locate a GM #3856284 for a 1968 BBC 427 435 HP. Also need an alternator and distributor for same automobile. Thanks!!
  13. I have a very,very nicely restored accessory trunk that fits many Classic or large automobiles. This trunk was finished in black paint and all chrome fittings were re-chromed. This trunk comes with fitted luggage cases which are original but still very nice condition. If you are interested in a trunk for your Classic, send me a private message with your E-Mail address and I will send you digital images and measurements. Thanks!! **** I have since measured this trunk: Sixteen and one half to seventeen inches wide; thirty-six and one half to thirty seven inches long and twenty-one and one half inches tall.
  14. CHRIS: What year and make of auto are you wanting a fuel pump for??
  15. Bill: I have a radiator that is marked, I believe. 1934. It has been in the top of my garage for at least 35--40 years! Heated garage. Is there some kind of markings on it so I could correctly identify it? I cannot remember how I came to own it but, long ago, I attended lots of auctions and may have gotten it in that way. If you will send me your E-mail address, I wii take some digital photos and send them to you. I am not smart enough to send them through this forum. IndianFour The radiator is marked with "33K" which may indicate for a 1933 Chevrolet or did the new models come out the previous Fall as they do now? I have images of this radiator and if interested in it, send me a private message and I will forward the photos to you. Thanks, IndianFour
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