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  1. I seen an ad showing this windshield spot-light installed on a Jordan automobile. I found a very nice one at Hershey back in the early 1970's. Inever installed it and still have it stowed in my '27 Jordan Great Line Eight Victoria Custom sedan.
  2. Graham man has the right picture of a 1952 Indian Princess. Just like mine except mine did not have the seat on rear fender. The original badge of "Indian Princess" on front post below handle bars. Thanks!!
  3. Bill: Located in central Indiana. Thanks!!
  4. I have been (was) the owner of an "Indian Princess" bicycle. This brand of bicycles was sold by the Indian Motorcycle Company of Massachusetts starting in the early 1950's. It was imported in order to bolster sales and provide more income. I had owned this bicycle since the mid 1960's when it was given to me by a fellow CCCA member Indiana Region' It has sat in a heated garagefor all these years! This summer I decided to clean it up a bit. I had new tires and innertubes installed but all the rest of it was merely cleaned and shined up. All original including the maroon paint and chrome wheels and handlebars. This past week, somebody entered my unlocked garage and stole it! They bypassed all the air tools and polishers, wrenches and a rolling tool boxes--taking only the Indian Princess! I have on file every number on this bicycle--Frame and hubs. A police report was filed but nothing has came to light as yet! Be on the look out for this item as it will probably be sold to get money for their drug habits! I am 91 years old now and have been a member of all the Clubs, including the ACD Club, AACA, MFCA, NCRS and others. If you find out any thing --please send me an E-Mail. Thanks, IndianFour
  5. Still interested in a '50 Plymouth radio!!
  6. Seeking a 1928 Model 8/115 complete chassis or frame. Might consider a complete car!! Thanks!!
  7. Sea rching for a big eight Auburn frame, model 8/115. Might consider complete car!! Thanks!! B T T T
  8. Searching for a 1928 Big Eight Auburn frame!! Any help appreciated!! Might be interested in a complete car!! Thanks!!
  9. I am in need of a "SEELITE" tail-light. Might also be marked STANDARD APPROVLITE" or "STALITE". Thanks!!
  10. Interested in obtaining gasket interchange literature for Victor, McCord and Fitzgerald gaskets during the period of 1930's through the 1950's. I have very many gaskets that I can not identify!! Thanks, IndianFour I am still searching for gasket manuals for Victor--McCord and Fitzgerald !! Thanks!!
  11. Would like to purchase an inter-change booklet on Victor to McCord or to Fitzgerald numbers. Covering the '30's, 40's and '50's. Thanks!
  12. Sir: Back in the very early '70's, as a member of the Classic Car Club of America & the Indiana Region; I was offered a Peerless sedan that was in need of a complete restoration. The owner was a good friend of mine and he had a 1930 Packard Standard sedan and I drove a 1933 Packard coupe-roadster. We drove them all over Indiana! He wanted to give me the Peerless sedan but I turned him down because it wasn't an 'open car'!! That is just one of the many mistakes that I have made!! Also, a year or so earlier, I could have bought a 1937 Buick Convertible with twin side-mounts and a rumble seat for around $6000.00 which, at the time, was way too much!! It had belonged to a soldier that was being discharged and he just abandoned the car. At that time, a fully restored Buick convertible was around that same amount so I turned it down!! Another time, I was shown a very early 'Brush" that was complete but needed everything. It was priced at $25,000.00!! It wasn't worth $2500.00 so I didn't even try to make an offer!! The life of being an 'ol car lover' has been lots of fun and I have met a lot of very interesting people!! IndianFour
  13. I have a 1927 Jordan Great Line Eight Custom Victoria that has the same arrangement in the rear seat area.
  14. I am in need of a 1968 427--435 hp Chevy waterpump. GM#3856284. Also in need of an Alternator and distributor for same engine. Private mail preferred. Thanks!!
  15. I have the following rebuilt generators: 1949--1951 Oldsmobile Mdl. 88 & 98 1945--1950 Willys 1960 Corvair 6 cylinder 1961--1962 Corvair 40 amp. 1951--1955 Ford 6 cyl. 1953 Cadillac 1941--1950 Chevrolet 1955 V/8 GMC truck Also: 1956 Nash Ambassador water-pump. Prices start @ $50.00 plus shipping P.S.: Also lots of rebuilt Carbs & fuel pumps.
  16. I have a chance to buy a 1941 Buick engine with dual-carb set-up and transmission attached. Is any one interested in this set up? I once owned a '41 Buick special Four Door sedan but it was equipped with a single barrel carburetor. Prefer private mail.
  17. 1962 Corvette two-top with manual transmission. Body off frame restoration. Matching numbers. Driven very little after restoration. Stored in heated garage. Painted in an original color Almond Beige with Roman Red interior and white soft top. Top has never been raised!! Longest trip was about 60 miles round trip to have the new top installed! Driven in a few local Fall Festival parades. Listed at $57,000.00 but will listen to serious offers!!
  18. This Corvette is a number-matching and with body-off frame restoration. Color is an original color of Almond-Beige with a Roman Red interior. Has both the hard-top and a white cloth-top that has never been raised! Car was judged at one NCRS event and was awarded a Second Flight. Car was never shown again and has never really been driven. I drove it about 35 miles to have the new cloth top installed and that is the longest trip this car has made. Been in several local Fall Festival parades. Has been stored in heated garage since being restored. This auto needs a new owner, one who would drive and enjoy it!! Listed at $80,000.00. Private messages preferred. Thanks!! 1962 Corvette Best Offer!!
  19. My Universal Catalog says: Reo Truck 1934 1936
  20. Have never had much luck in repairing stress cracks in these bezels!! Is there some one that specializes in this chore??
  21. I need a water-pump, distributor and alternator for a 1968 BBC 427--435 engine. Private EMail works best for me. Thanks!!
  22. This fine trunk is still available!! Would look great on a Cadillac, Pierce-Arrow, Packard or any other fine Classic Automobile. This fine trunk is still available!! Would look great on any large Classic Car Club of America automobile.
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