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  1. Mike: I am pulling for you!! What terrible luck that you had!! Get them to me when you can!! Thanks a lot!! Don
  2. Am in need of one or two snap-rings for a Dayton Wire Wheel--size 18" Thanks!!
  3. I am looking to buy one or two snap-on trim rings for an 18" Dayton wire-wheel. Any help appreciated!!
  4. I am in need of one or two snap-rings as used on 18" Dayton wire-wheels. Thank you!!
  5. Am in need of one or two snap-rings as used on 18" Dayton wire wheels. Thank you!!
  6. I am in need of a couple snap-rings as used on 18" Dayton wire-wheels. If you know of any that is available, please let me know!! Thanks!!
  7. Dave: A very old ad in AACA buy & sell You was searching for eight cylinder Auburn parts. Do you happen to have any Auburn parts left over?? I need rear wire-wheel hub (left-side ) for a 1929 Big Eight. Hard to find!! Don Knight of Edinburgh, Indiana
  8. In dire need of left-rear hub for a '29 Auburn model 8-120. Dayton wire wheels with knock-off hubcaps. Do not need one for the wheel but one that is bolted to brake-drum. Your assistance is appreciated!!
  9. I have the following parts for Gardner automobiles: Not sure but believe some of the parts are for different model years. 1. cast aluminum floor pan 2. windshield frame 3. metal dash--has 'Gardner' insignia 4. two roadster doors with hinges, inside and outer door handles and original leather upholstery 5. two metal tubes for sparkplugs or wires. 6. large vacuum tank 7. ignition coil with key 8. instrument panel with ammeter,,speedometer, oil gauge and water temperature guage. 9. pair of chrome wind-shield stanchions for lay down windshield 10. filbert windshield wiper 11. one pull-type choke knob 12. extra speedometer 13. speedometer cable 14 Gardner hood 15. complete radiator with chrome shell and radiator cap. 16. complete set of headlights with mounting bar. 17. spare-tire mounting bracket (rear mount) 18. TITLE: 1927 Gardner Model 90 As you know--there is not many Gardner Autos or parts left!! Somebody ( a Gardner fan) needs to save these parts!! I have images of all of these parts. Will need your E_Mail address. THANKS!!!
  10. What does a Delco-Remy distributor 658Z belong on?? Dual-point with rotor intact. Has long shaft but no distributor cap. Also marked: 31126. Thanks for your assistance!!
  11. I have a complete set of pistons that was replaced when I had my 1937 Cord Phaeton motor rebuilt back in the 1970's. Also have the pins. I suppose that they are standard size. Would any body be interested??
  12. I need a left-side rear wheel hub for a 1929 Auburn Model 8/120. This is for a Dayton wire wheel with knock-off hub caps. Any help appreciated!! Thanks!!
  13. I am interested in locating and buying an early '60's Cushman Eagle. Does not have to be operable but should be fairly complete. Send me a private message if you can give me any leads!! Minus the original motor is okay!! Thanks!! Located in Indiana
  14. Any body interested in a front bumper for a 1952 Oldsmobile?? I can't remember how I ever got it or found it! Private mail preferred!!
  15. Head gasket: Victor 561. Fits what car? Also, does any one have the Victor , Fitzgerald or McCord gasket manuals??
  16. Head gasket: Victor 561. Fits what car? Also, does any one have the Victor , Fitzgerald or McCord gasket manuals??
  17. Wanted: Tailight body and lense-marked "SEELITE" on top of body.
  18. Would somebody help me with the GM part numbers on a 1966 Chevrolet Impala?? I am trying to identify numbers on a '66 396 Engine: Intake manifold and also the exhaust manifolds?? Thanks very much for any assistance you may give!! Happy New Years to all!!
  19. Could some one identify this recently uncovered water-pump. Chevy but what year and model??
  20. I, also, have just recently purchased running board mouldings from L & L and was given prompt service.. Took two or three weeks to receive product in nicely packaged tube. I would heartily recommend this company!!
  21. Several years ago, I purchased new wide white walled tires for my newly acquired Classic Automobile. At the time, I thought that I would have it fully restored in a short time!! That didn't happen. Now I have decided to go with all black walled tires. The wide whites were never ever driven but four was mounted so that I could roll the car around in my garage. The other two matching tires were just very lately un-wrapped. These wide-whites were purchased from The Coker Tire CO.. Always stored in heated garage and still very nice, indeed. Asking $160.00 per tire and shipping will be paid by new owner. Check your Tire catalogs now for their latest pricing!!
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