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  1. What is the price that you are asking for one wire plugs? I would be interested in six or more. Indian four
  2. I ahve had several forum users that were interested in the ignition points that I stated that I had. They are now listed on EBAY as item #300520539230. Thanks for your interest!!
  3. A while back, I listed on this forum that I had ten sets of points for the 36--48 Lincoln Zephyr. I had several that were interested so I thought it would be fair to list on Ebay, which I have now done. Item #300520539230
  4. I have just now listed on EBAY MOTORS one fully restored back to original, 1946 Indian Chief. This bike has had the works! Item # 300519025596. Thanks, IndianFour
  5. This is a picture of an AUBURN Four door convertible sedan (Phaeton) from 1929 Model 8-120 or of a 1930 Model 8-125. This is the large eight cylinder models.
  6. I have found in my collection ofignition parts, two boxes of ignition points for the 1936-1948 Lincoln Zephyr. Each box contains 10 sets and for right and left. TUNGSTEN Products. Came from Auto Parts Store that closed in the very early 1960's. Is there any interest in them?
  7. Just listed on EBAY MOTORS: one very heavily made starter switch for an older car. This is a 12 volt starter so that probably eliminates a lot of cars.. If you can identify this switch please let me know. Item #: 300512727952. Thanks for your interest!!
  8. I have just listed on EBAY MOTORS one HUPMOBILE hub-cap. This must be for an early Hupmobile, maybe in the early twenties??? This is a heavy cap, very well made and is not perfect but still nice enough to use as-is!! Item #: 300512302758. Thanks!
  9. The distributor listed is for years 1946 through 1949 in the Models listed. Thanks!
  10. Buick Lovers: I have just listed on EBAY MOTORS one Buick distributor for Series 40 50 & 70. Still in the original box with installation instructions. Part number: 1110801 sItem # is 300509890589 Thanks!!
  11. Chevy Lovers: I have just listed on EBAY MOTORS one Chevrolet Six cylinder distributor for 1955 1956 1957 1958 & 1959. Has original box and Installation instructions. #1112403
  12. Sorry but I have learned that I do not have one for each front door! I have one for each back door but the ones for the front doors are for the same side!! I hasd an honest mistake played on me and I should have checked them out long ago! My fault!!
  13. I have just listed on EBAY one Owens-Dyneto starter for early thirties Packards. Thanks and Merry Christmas!!!
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