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  1. Terry, you can still buy bias ply trailer tires but I prefer the radials on our trailers. Harry
  2. We're running Carlisle tires on our rental trailers with no problems but the way our customers abuse the tires they don't last long enough to go bad from age. Imagine a trailer rated to carry 1000lbs loaded to the top with broken cement or gravel or sand or whatever being pulled at 70+ mph and bumped over curbs or dirt roads or any of a hundred other road hazards and you can see why they don't last. We check tire pressure after every rental and replace any bruised or damaged tires immediatly. If a tire lasts a year on my trailers they are old timers. The tires on my equipment trailers usually last about 2 years barring any unforeseen accidents. They go out almost everyday loaded with tractors or skid steers or scissor lifts, heavy stuff. Speed and careless driving are the biggest enemies of my tires. The Carlisle tires hold up as good as any other brand. Harry
  3. Steve, I hear those arguments every day and I still see guys with Dakotas and Explorers and half ton trucks upside down and jack knifed all the time because though they can tow the weight they can't stop it. The weight of the trucks and the brakes are not up to the job just about three weeks ago I watched a half ton truck pulling a three axles toy hauler get upside down, last week a half ton truck went off the road right next to our shop, lost it's trailer and took out a suburban sitting at the Play Toys lot. I wouldn't even care if people were just hurting themselves by towing with too small of vehicles, but they are out there endangering my life because they are trying to do things on the cheap. You guys buy into the sales pitch but until you lose your load or kill someone you won't tow safely. If someone tows with too small a vehicle it's the same as pointing a loaded gun and someone and saying don't worry, the salesman says the safety is on. Half ton trucks are cheaper because everything on them is lighter and there is less of it. Smaller brakes, lighter frame, less substance to the whole package. I don't expect to change your mind, everyone can justify why they do things. Last year I saw a guy with a little toyota truck pulling another toyota truck on a car dolly with another toyota truck chained to the one on the dolly. They made it where they were going without killing anyone so it must be okay to do? Harry
  4. How big are these numbers? I have never seen anything that even looks remotely like numbers on my frame, either under the seat on the cross member or on the frame rails right or left. Harry
  5. Interesting is one way to say it. Not my cup of tea I guess. Harry
  6. I seem to remember that airstream did some scientific studies on towing and that is how they came up with their design. The better mileage will be found with a trailer with an aerodynamic back end. The front resistance will be less of a factor because the tow vehicle will deflect the resistance. It is the vacuum created by the back of the trailer that creates the drag, so create a trailer that has less turbulence at the back and the trailer will tow better and with less effect on your mileage. Keep your weight on the trailer balanced 60/40 with 60% of the weight forward of the axles and 40% behind. Too much weight on the tongue and the front wheels of the tow vehicle will lift and affect steering. If too much weight behind the back axle of the trailer and the back axle of the tow vehicle gets light and you will have your vehicle fishtailing down the road. I don't sell trailers but I do hook them to vehicles every day in our equipment rental yard and I have towed horse and car trailers thousands of miles. It is my personal belief that no one should haul a car on a trailer with a half ton truck. Too much weight for the tow vehicle is just asking for an accident. Harry
  7. I think Neville named them correctly, I was just wondering how they worked. I got my 29 because the previous owner couldn't get behind the wheel. Harry
  8. Someone clue me in to how the fatman wheels are different. Did they come off the column to allow easy access or did they slide up? I can't tell just looking at the wheels how or why they are so desirable. Harry
  9. I've never been able to find a serial number on the frame of my 29 DB pick up. From what I've read some trucks just didn't get them but I haven't checked by the spring hanger so I'll look there tomorrow. Is that on the inner frame or outer frame? Harry
  10. I've never been able to find a serial number on the frame of my 29 DB pick up. From what I've read some trucks just didn't get them but I haven't checked by the spring hanger so I'll look there tomorrow. Is that on the inner frame or outer frame? Harry
  11. I don't know about that truck but on our 06 Super Duty tow mode changes the shift points and locks out the OD, it also downshifts earlier in the tow mode. That could be what he is talking about. Harry
  12. Have you tried just squirting some gas down the hole and cranking it over to see if it fires? Harry
  13. Looks like a scale model to me. For some reason it feels like all smoke and mirrors with a good dose of fraud mixed in. Harry
  14. Okay, are you sure they are in the right firing order? Have you tried setting up an auxiliary fuel supply to make sure you are getting fuel to the carb? Try squirting some gas in the carb and see if you get the engine to fire. Harry
  15. Have you tried your plug wires on the other car. Is it possible you have dirty connectors at the cap or plug end? If your coil is good and your plugs are new it sounds like the problem is at the distributor or in the wires themselves. Harry
  16. My 29 half ton has a metal floor in the bed. I like the looks of the wood floor and may get a kit to do mine like it. It will never carry any that can hurt it anyway so why not make it look good. My truck only had two owners besides me and the second owner just kept it long enough to sell it to me, the original owner kept it completely stock to the way he bought it new so I don't doubt the metal bed was the way he bought it. Harry
  17. I've asked why the vacuum tank won't work with the new carb but I haven't gotten an answer. Maybe the orifice isn't big enough for gravity flow? I'm not sure but the guy who calls himself the carb doctor says the new carb has to be modified to use the vacuum tank. Harry
  18. Thanks Dean, I have a tendency to panic and then slow down and find the problem. Harry
  19. It appears that the levers have bolts in the center where they are broken off.Could that mean the ends were screw on? I'm going to wait on pulling them as the nubs are easy to move and I don't see a problem with them right now. Thanks to the members on the forum who gave me the correct instructions for pulling the levers. I would have never figured this out on my own. Harry
  20. Oh crud, it looks as though I might have water in the oil. At least the oil took on a milky look while the engine was running today. Hopefully it's only a blown head gasket. I sure don't want to find a cracked block. The only way I'll know for sure is too pull the head. The engine did get exposed to a heavy downpour but I don't think enough water could get in through splashing to show in the oil. I'll let the engine sit for a couple of days and drain the oil to see how much water I'm dealing with. At least the weather is supposed to stay nice for a few days, I just need to make the time to get to it. On another note both the levers on the steering wheel are broken off so there are only nubs. Both nubs look to have a small bolt in the center so I'm wondering if my levers had screw on knobs instead of the paddles I've seen on other cars. I'm not sure how someone would break these off, they don't move hard but it took me awhile to figure out how they work. Seems pretty simple once you know the routine. Same with starting, retard spark, choke step on button. Once it starts advance spark and open choke. Then panic when you see milky oil. Harry
  21. I have an electric on my 29 pickup also. It seems to working great though I need to get it closer to the tank I think. If I remember correctly electrics do better pushing fuel than pulling it. It is nice having it right up near the firewall though where I can check it. My filter is under the floor boards where I can easily check it. If I put them back by the tank I'll have to get under the truck to check things. I'm going to rebuild my Stewart tank again to see if I can get it working correctly. Harry
  22. My 29 DB truck has hydraulic brakes and a stop light, I don't know when they started adding them before that. Harry
  23. I'll take mine apart tomorrow and send some pictures. Harry
  24. Does this mean those tubes are connected to the levers? Harry
  25. I need to pull the levers on the steering wheel that control the lights and hand throttle. I would appreciate any instructions on how to go about it. Thank You. I guess I should tell everyone this is for my 29 DB pick up. Little details like that might make a difference in the procedure. Harry
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