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  1. My memory just doesn't serve me well anymore. I used to know what these went to, but can't seem to remember now. They are mopar, this much I know. Pretty sure early to mid 60's. They go on the rear in between the tail lights. Any help is very much appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Can anyone tell me what this grille goes to? Can't find any numbers on it. Thanks in advance!!
  3. I'm thinking this goes to the top vinyl molding probably to a mid 1960's MOPAR. I can't seem to find anything on the part numbers which are 2841922 & 2841923. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  4. I have these pieces for what I thought was for the rear quarters on a 1962 Dodge Lancer. I was told by someone that they actually go to a 1961 Plymouth Valiant rear fender top trim. Part numbers on the back are: 2195222 & 2195223 both left and right. Any help? Thanks!!
  5. hello again everyone, was wondering if anyone can identify these 3 different headlight bezels? Any help much appreciated!
  6. Still trying to identify these trim moldings....thanks!
  7. Can't seem to find what these MOPAR wiring assemblies go to. One is #1604226 cable & Socket, the other is #1495417 Wiring Assy. We usually go to mymopar.com to help us identify. Does anyone know of a book we'd be able to purchase or another website that might tell us some mopar part numbers? Thanks!
  8. Can anyone tell me what these go to? They measure about 19" each in length. I appreciate help! Thanks!!
  9. The last one you have is for a 1951 & 1952 Dodge Coronet Meadowbrook front bumper guard. I think it is the right side. Good luck with your others. Traci
  10. I have this ARMATURE ASSEMBLY in the MOPAR box. Part number is 1383893. Can anyone help identify what it goes to? thanks in advance:D
  11. Mopar number on the box is 1302784. Measures from end to end 21". Any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  12. Part number on it reads: 1308075 but I can't find anything out about it. Pretty sure it is a dash radio grille in the 50's. Any ideas? Thanks everyone....again!
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