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  1. Yessam..had I been at home I could have measured one as I have two of these in captivity..I knew they are about the length of the engine thus the rounded figure I quoted of 23 inches..it is good you got to see a picture of one..they are a bit funky for sure. The book does cover the removal and replacement but then again, even they do not give the length. And as some people can tell you..this can be a walk in the park or it can be a long drawn out process removing the old tube...some have had thiers come out in sections due to age and rust..hope yours will be one of the easier one.
  2. Rebecca, with all due respect to you and your project, if it was that obvious then why did you ask the question..I could understand if you had posted that you only have 15 inches of clearance in front of my block and the grill then the obvious answer would have been NO..but without you informing the reader on the forum what room you have to work with..then the answer given to you was one of complete honestly and best approach to determine the feasibility. The more information you can provide in relating a question the better the reader is to tailor the answer to your specific needs..ask a gen
  3. try harder..measure your free room inside the engine compartment in a straight line from the block to first item of interference..measure the block...this will tell you the amount of room needed...your block is 23 inches..the tube is just a tad less in length..have no experience on the 36 model per say..on the flathead engine, technique is all the same...are you doing your own work..or are you sourcing info for the wrench at hand?
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