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  1. Mother Mopar started using the bullseyes in the 49 production year..no clear distinction beteen the first or second series..
  2. simply find one that had the bigger engine and thus the heavier drivetrain...
  3. as stated....eventually everyone will want to relive a part of his youth...be it something you owned, your dad or a car that seemed just out of reach when you were young..
  4. seems you offered that setup for sale July last year..still got that eh..for 800.00 I think you will have it some time to come but good luck just the same...with shipping included and no limits on distance stated in your post (quick you have time to edit this) ..someone in Australia needing a possible core to rebuild could come out so-so
  5. nothing personal but for an uncomfirmed engine..parked for 20+ years...you way out of the ball park...you had a great offer already with maybe a little haggling left to do on deliverly..
  6. while everyone had a guess to the model car it was..no one yet named it...so I will call it Margaret...
  7. just be aware most all large companies that deal mainly in auto transports or brokerages will charge you both a loading and unloading fee above and beyond the quote ship for an unoperative vehicle..beware..as majority of the cars are winched on and off..I see no need for this fee..just another way to gouge the customer...my transporters laughs at these practices and says they are the best thing for his company since sliced bread as he does not engage in this practice..I'd post his name but is largely southern runs..you can also post on the truckers consignment website for a private party to co
  8. good clean connection on a good charged 6 volts is the best place to start...second item of issue would be to ensure that the cables on the battery are not internally corroded at the battery clamp or distant mounting terminal. The cable should be minimum of 1 guage but it is my opinion that 0 is minimum and 00 is even better...use of good quality weld lead for cable application would be ideal. Third, do not rule out an enlongated rear starter bush which will allow the armature to 'cock' to an angle under torque and drag thus increasing current drain..excessive current drain to the starter mo
  9. could you elaborate a bit on the parts? ie, body, trim, mechanical etc etc and what general area you are located to help determine mode of shipping
  10. I would be interested in the front turn signal assemblies..
  11. Bingo...we have a winner...and thanks so much Dr Watson...I figured from the style of the overriders it was British but could not find the exact model..I never thought of Jag...went with just about everything else though...lol I cropped the pic so folks would see just the bumper and not what it was affixed to... Now..I'm sure there are a few of you folks got one of these laying around, maybe fell behind your tool box or holding your door open on a windy day...using as a border in the wife's flower garden...????
  12. I know what car it is on and that is why cut the bumper from the picture so as to not cloud one's thinking with a "model" image.....the bumper is the item in question... thanks
  13. I have no clue to the original application of this bumper..the car it is on I could not locate the owner to ask where it came from..it looks foreign but am not sure..the rubber is a stick on added by the owner....have racked my brain..I want to use this bumper for my project car... Thanks
  14. wow...!!!!!...maybe one could have been a secret military project?
  15. I have to say only one thing about the convertible..even if it was a planned venture by Tucker in the final stage it was not done at time of factory closure..granted they are issued affadivits to the fact that inside employees were within earshot of the rumor mill and it's prossibility and given the fact that the car was purposed to be built from a sedan modified with top removal, reinforcing the necessary frame and chassis from sedan number 57...The other big item is the serial number itself..and the "proposed" modification to a production car..that would imply that somewhere after the body h
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