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  1. Yeah, I was suspecting it was either converted, or an early sealed beam. Does anyone else have any input on what it might be? Typically when selling something the more info the better. The wiring is definitely on the older side.
  2. Hello, I signed up years ago, hung around then sort of drifted away, circumstances and honestly, a new acquisition, and business had me trying to remember my ID and login info. Well now that is sorted, I do have a couple questions. First one (the latter is another ID thread that I'll put up when I have pics of the item), is what is this headlight from? A friend's stepmom has this headlight and wanted to sell it, I tried to ID it myself, but was stumped, I narrowed it down to mid 30s to early/mid40s domestic make, but while I can ID several cars at a glance, the details can escape me. So, what is this headlight? Year, make, model if possible. Having attended the Fall meet for several years, some one has to know. Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks, I'll make the call with that size so the owner knows what tire to get. He and the guy at the tire store weren't sure. Reason why I asked here was people are using a couple different tire sizes on those cars.
  4. it has five bolt wheels so its a true A code 289 4bbl carb car.
  5. I have been under the hood on this car as I'm trying to get it running so they can move it around without pushing it. This car appears to be rock solid except for the right front fender being hit (I've seen rusted out mustangs...this is not one of them sofar) even the battery tray seems solid which I'll confirm when I replace the battery. The right rear quarter had been replaced at some point. Since it is on rims I haven't gotten a good look at the under side yet, but the floorboards have been replaced as well. Anyway, does anyone have an idea as to the modern tire size? 185/75R14 is what I've been seeing. I'll post up more photos of the car when I get the chance. I will get photos of the front clip under the hood, besides the usual quarter issues and possibly new front fenders this car has not shown any serious rust issues. The tag near the right front fender is still there, and it has a nice patina on the paint. The interior is not showing much other than needing a serious cleaning, Even the chrome while needing to be replated shows only surface rust, no real rot. This car sat in a garage for close to 20 years if not more. While some might say this is a lost cause I'm seeing otherwise sofar and I know a mustang that ended up having everything replaced except for the roof. I think they want to keep it and maybe the kids will restore it. I think the garage being a mess added to the uncertainty and also I only got those photos because I could. I can get better photos now and post them. I don't know when I'll be back in town to work on that car though, it might be a week or it might be a month.
  6. I was wandering through a junkyard near Rockaway NJ, looking for parts for my 84 TA and another car we have. Wandering around I spotted a 80 Z28, but then I wandered over to a more secluded part of the yard. Spotting a tarp that appeared to be a convertible with no top up. I pulled off the cover expecting to find a MG or a Trimuph. Imagine my utter shock, when I pull it off and find a mid to late 60s E-type roadster.:eek: It was fairly complete, perfectly restorable. That was when I was in HS. Four years on, the yard has changed. You are no longer allowed to wander around the yard. I asked about the car. "Oh yea I remember it. It was scrapped. The car was brought in as it hit the end of its life, sat around and was scrapped." Now whether it was a BS story about it being scrapped or not that was no doubt the best find I ever found in a salvage yard.
  7. I've seen various sizes used in place of the E70-14 tire. The most common one that comes up is 185/75R14. Does anyone else agree with that?
  8. Ok I thought I would post an update. My mom's friend's father took me up on my offer to attempt to get it running again. I've gone down twice. In those two days I cleaned out mouse nests, leaves, leaves, and more leaves. No doubt the leaves are from the mice. He was shocked to find the engine bay such a mess. Cleaned it out and started pulling the plugs. It turned over easily with a wrench on the crank. This motor certainly can be brought back from the dead. Today I got the rest of the plugs out, put in new ones, replaced the cap, rotor, wires. And next step will be the battery and try to see if it will crank. I'll see if I can't get the old gas out too. If I can't I'm sure as some of you know, theres ways around that. The right rear quarter was replaced at some point. The right front was hit. He really likes the car and I know my mom's friend and her siblings are fighting over it. One question that came up. The tire size on the tires said E70-14. I'm going to do some searching but what is the equivalent of that in todays tire size world. These tires are totally gone. He doesn't want to spend much money on the car for something that will sit in the garage for more time than it will be on the road. Therefore Coker Tire is out of the question. And the other question is what to use for fuel in the car. It used leaded gas when it was last on the road but alas its not available anymore in NJ. Any recommendations for fuel in today's modern world?
  9. As an 80s kid I beg to differ. The 89 Turbo Trans Am is right near the top of my want list right among some Ferraris. (Pick up any magazine from that era and you will see that Chevy was probably kicking themselves as that car out ran their vernated Corvette) The 73 and 74 SD 455 Trans Ams and Firebirds were the last of the true muscle cars, and had the handling to go with the straight line speed. The W72 Trans Ams out ran the late 70s Corvettes. And any movie fan will tell you that black and gold Trans Ams are on their lists. The Solstice was a great car and great idea. As well as the G8 especially in GXP guise. So there are cars out there that were built that are more than worth mentioning that were built in the time frame you mention. More than one can say about Chrysler....no the Viper doesn't count (thats a Dodge anyway) and the Prowler was garbage.
  10. Well it has been a long time coming. I still can't believe they got it all right and people were clamoring for the cars they were building and were getting raves from the press and they kill it. I own a gray 84 Trans Am which was one of 7,051 built with the L69 305 HO backed with the 5 speed. Also have WS6, T-tops and several interesting pieces in the car including a factory subwoofer (not functional for the time being). My brother has a 86 Fiero GT (I drove it twice and it was frankly the crappiest shifter I've ever used) that has a Supercharged 3800 Series II motor in it backed by a four speed Muncie. My dad owned a white 77 Firebird with a 301 and a Four on the floor, that was followed by a blue 78 Esprit Firebird with a 305 and an auto. The 77 and 78 had a 79 10th anniversary TA leather interior in it. (was in the 77 while that was being turned into a TA clone, after it was wrecked it was put into the 78). I suspect that the 78 might still be around. The 84 Trans Am I have was owned by Dad prior to his death, while the original HO motor blew I still have the block and installed an 87 305 in its place for the time being. Even with the caprice 305, and TA's exhaust and carb, computer etc, it is still the fastest and best handling car I've ever driven. We have an Mk I MR2 too and the TA out handles that. The Trans Am is staying with me and will eventually be restored to its original L69 HO glory. Amazing how things change so quickly.
  11. Yea, the sky is the limit (lifts, spray booths, etc....) and quite a few more cars too .
  12. If you are referring to the Mustang I posted photos of it is a '66. I confirmed that with the body tag on the driver's door. The rust free body was a good laugh. Obviously it was a pedal car . I believe that trim is missing on the car if I recall correctly.
  13. I was fortunate to view several garages or "garages" in person. Among them, Art Astor, the Petersen Vault, Peter Mullin, GM's Heritage Center, and Jay Leno's Big Dog Garage. Leno's, the vault and the heritage center all had garages for storage and display as well as areas that were solely used for service and restoring cars. Leno has an entire airplane hanger converted into a shop. If I recall correctly there were five in all. Four were used for his collection. The Heritage Center is always changing and the Astor collection is now sold (well most of them). None are open to the public. But with the right calls you can get in. Leno's and the Heritage Center were the best as far as getting around cars and working on them. Can actually walk around the cars with more than enough room to spare. The Vault was packed and Mullin's was tight, he has a turn table. I know of another incredible shop/garage down in south Jersey and believe it or not, there is one in the middle of downtown Manhattan near Grand Central Station. (I know exactly where but I'm not telling)
  14. I came home in a '77 Pontiac Firebird with a 301 and a four on the floor. My brother came home in that car's successor which was a 78 Firebird with a 305 and an auto. We were born in '86 and '89 respectively.
  15. Well this is not the first mustang that I've seen that was rusted like this. We had one in the shop at school when I was in college that was a K code fastback....that one has had just about every piece of metal short of the roof replaced. Like I said above, maybe we will just see if we can get it running and driving again, and worry about the body and rust later (if the frame will hold up...which has yet to be seen...). I suppose if I helped them out (I was an Auto Restoration Major in college) I could help with the chassis, motor work, some body work and the interior, but welding and metal fab are not my thing (I can do it though). So we will see how this goes. I told her she could sell it to someone who might restore it and enjoy it but now is not the time to do that as the muscle car market had the bottom dropped out of it and the economy is in the crapper. Besides, I think if they can do something about it, they like the car too much. And being a V8 convertible...this was no secretary car.....
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