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  1. Bill and Brian, Until they are done you will need to keep an eye on your links. I fix them and they disappear. I am getting emails from my club members everyday telling me something is not working on the site. I hope this is resolved soon. Bob South Florida Region www.aaca.org/southflorida
  2. Wayne, Yes, thank you for the list. I have them all linked on my site as I feel everyone should see there outstanding work (pat self on back). Bob Webmaster South Florida Region www.aaca.org/southflorida
  3. I just sent my check and have my reservations, air and hotel. I will be flying from the warm South Florida sunshine to the frozen north. I think I may need to have my head examined. Although I am looking forward to being at the annual meeting.
  4. I am still using MS FrontPage 2003 and find it easy to use and adequate for the job. And as Novaman said; if you keep it simple it works fine. I prefer content and ease of navigation over flashy features. The other thing that concerns me is that my site has lots of pages and photos and I am unsure of the effort that would be needed to change over to a new web editing program not to mention learning all of the new commands and features. So for now I’m going with – if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Bob – South Florida Region Webmaster www.aaca.org/southflorida
  5. Wayne, Thanks I was able to download it and it will work just fine. Bob
  6. I am working on our national show for the AACA South Florida Region. Since the show will hopefully take place in 2010 we would like to include the new 75th Anniversary logo in our literature. I went to the offical logo page for AACA and it is not there. Is it possible to get a high resolution jpg of that logo?
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