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  1. For SUV's my favorites are the Chevy Subdivision and the Ford Expanse. The Ford Pinto had an unenviable moniker of the Ford Flambé.  My father bought a 1962 white Imperial that got the names from my high school classmates of the White Whale or Morbid Dick.


  2. Definitely keep it.  Enjoy driving it and showing it a local shows.  I wouldn't do any restoration other than what has been suggested for safety and comfort sake.  It could be entered in an AACA National show as is in either HPOF or Driver Participation classes.  Enjoy.  

  3. On 6/10/2016 at 11:34 PM, padgett said:

    Every time I drive to south Florida in the wet season there is a frog strangler or two & traffic goes to 20 from 70+. As mentioned the human eye sees a flashing light before a steady one.


    My GM cars of the last millennia have it on the passenger side of the steering column, my Chryslers from this have it in the center of the dash (so a passenger can reach it ?)

    In fact, hazard lights worsen the danger of driving in a downpour. Driving with your hazard lights on is also illiegal in Florida — and in most states —punishable by a $129 fine. The only time you can use them when in motion is if the vehicle is in a funeral procession.

  4. I use Mihov Image Resizer.  It is free to download, although they do ask for a donation.  I take large file size photos for print in our newsletter and then use Mihov Image Resizer to reduce an entire show’s worth of photos – sometimes 100 or more in seconds, for posting on our website.  This is so they will load faster.  It reduces the size and renames each photo with “mini” in front of the file name so that you don’t lose the original.  Here is the link for downloading: https://www.mihov.com/sw/en/ir.php

  5. 19 hours ago, Bhigdog said:

    Thank you muchly................Bob

    I also use adblocker - https://adblockplus.org/ - and I have never seen a pop-ad on the forum.  I use Firefox as my browser.  I just tried it with the Microsoft Edge browser which I don't have adblocker on and there were ads.  I keep Microsoft Edge without adblocker so that I can read articles on some newspaper sites that require you to turn off adblocker to be able to read them.

  6. The South Florida Region’s annual show on Biltmore Way in Coral Gables, FL used to have a DJ.  Then the city decided that the volume had to be below as certain decibel level 100 feet from the speakers.  That was fine until we learned we had to pay two city employees to come out and measure the volume and pay a fine if it was too loud. Needless to say we haven’t had music at that show for the last three years and no one seems miss it.  It makes for a much more pleasant day for talking with friends and spectators without the background noise.


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