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  1. Thanks Bob.  I copied down your info for the next time I need to make a key.


    Fortunately, I found my one key.  And, since I had just ordered a couple of blanks, I took it to Home Depot to make a copy.  No luck.  Their fancy-smancy electronic super machine couldn't do it.  So, next I took it to WalMart.  They also have the fancy-smancy machine, but they also have the simple old system in the auto parts section of the store.  Click, click----new key.  Easy-peasy.  And free, since I supplied the blank.


    Thanks again for your response!



  2. Thanks Rusty.


    The last guy who owned the car had most of the parts in boxes.  There were no rear springs.  Three extra instrument clusters, though.


    I'm guessing that most of the Imperials of that vintage use the same rear springs.  I guess we'll know for sure when I get replacement springs and install them.


    I have a photo here of the chassis as she now sits.....  You may see rear springs, but they are not right for this car.


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  3. Thanks Dave.


    So the grey, non-cigarette case  1942 steering wheel has the vertical logo, whereas the similar steering wheel in 1946 would have the horizontal logo?  Wow.


    So the photo posted below would be the uniquely 1942 steering wheel?










  4. Thanks Ron.  In my 1942 parts list book I see three:  870812 (maybe this is the early one?), 957614 (perhaps the later one--similar to 1946?), and 956145 (which comes with the cigarette case as a separate attachment).


    Does this sound right?   My book doesn't specify ivory or grey.  But, if there are two, then maybe a steering wheel from a '46 through '48 would be the same as one of the steering wheels which came from the factory at the end of the 1942 run?


    If so, I can quit stressing about this--just take the old steering wheel from either my '42 or my '46 parts car--take it to Dennis Crooks and have him make me a new, period-correct steering wheel.


    Hi Rich, Capt. Den, et al.  


    I know this is an old thread, but I just couldn't resist.


    So....Rich...You have sold the '51 Imperial convertible?  Is the new owner planning on restoring it?


    And Capt. Den:  Is this thread dead?  I just found it recently, and I am finally getting serious about restoring my 1951 Imperial convertible.  The hemi engine appears to be in good shape; all the major parts are there; Rob Hughes has found some nos rear fender gravel guards for me, and we have moved the car from the back lot up to front and center.

    Coincidentally, I just bought a (2nd!!) 1951 Imperial 2-dr hardtop from a South Dakota.  So, I no have three of these 51s.  And they are probably the only 51 Imperials in existence that don't have power steering.  And two of them (including the convertible) have the Fluid-Matic tranny, not the Fluid-Torque.

    My first project on the "new" car is to get a modern sound system.  On all of my other old cars I put a Kleenex box under the dash with a modern Sony system in it.  I would love to keep the new car 6-volt, but it is very hard to do tht in a ca that has a 6-volt positive ground.


    Any suggestions?


    I have attached a photo of "the new car."  I have a few more if anyone is interested.




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