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  1. Thanks Nancy I will have to check it out on another computer as this work one won't let me open the link.
  2. Hello Nancy Well darn [expletive deleted] I have been trying to track that truck down for sometime. I believe your car was in a museum in Cortland NY. When sold?? The mans name who had the museum was Rosen. I am from Canada and first heard about the vehicle from car guys on the way to Hershey who had stopped at the museum. Years later while drinking beer in Daytona I met a family member of the museum owner. He gave me some contacts that dead ended and then I saw this thread. Now the car is in Alaska?? This old car business is crazy and connecting the dots is fun. I am going to check out your web site and try and give you a call this computering is hard.
  3. My car had original door panels and they were vinyl. The wood frame in my rumble compartment was not covered but I had it done when I redid the interior. I also had the rumble seat pleated to match the front seat and another little mod was the vertical pleats in the door panels I never liked the lines going through the window crank so dropped them down underneath it.
  4. The 700 16 does not fit. I laughed when I read your post as I got caught 25 yrs. ago with a new set of Denmans. If you take the support brace off under the rumble seat lower cushion it will fit and the cushion will sit on the tire no problem. Mine has been like this for years now.
  5. Hello Nancy Was your Henderson ever converted to a truck? If so it may have been in another NY museum not that far away. I know of another roadster near identical to yours, wire wheels and all. The gas fill through the dash is an interesting feature.
  6. That looks like a real nice 1913 MA. I am no expert but have had a 1912 MA for a number of years. Fairly simple machine to run and maintain. Does it have the original coil and switch? They seemed to be somewhat problematic but being a T man he will have coils and battery to hook up and make her run.
  7. No, I have not found new chain. My truck needs around 25 ft. I was wondering about having some made up, maybe 1000ft. enough for about 40 vehicles. Did you take a little off each side of your sprockets to fit the ANSI chain? That is probably the easier way to go. I will probably use my old chain for now. How far is a person going to drive one of these trucks? But I do have a small wager on driving it to Tim Hortons [10 miles]. Man the things I will do for a free coffee.
  8. Thanks for the replies, I have chain now but was going to put on new and did not want to modify my sprockets. I would post some pictures but that probably won't happen with my computer skills [screwed up the log in]lol. The IHC is one we have had since 1947 and I have driven it 35 yrs. ago. It has sat in a museum mostly. The Packard is a 1937 120 convertible coupe we have had for 50 yrs. it does get driven regularly. That is a great looking 13 truck, I do not have the top for mine, but would like to get one, I really like the look.
  9. Does anyone have new chain available for 1912 IHC model MA? This chain is 3/4 pitch but the roller is wider than normal. The roller is around .625 instead of .5 in.