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  1. I think it was the Tragedy in US History Museum in St. Augustine. Info is available at www.lostparks.com
  2. So many choices but I'll choose my current cruiser.
  3. Very cool video. I love identifying the old car's. Lot's of great commercial vehicles as well.
  4. I remember seeing this vehicle at an Antique car museum in Savannah,Ga that used to be on River st. back in 1979. I was 13 years old and crazy about old cars so I thought this was really neat. The museum is no longer there, can't remember the name.
  5. That modern interior looks just awful in a beautiful vintage car. I guess I just like vintage car's because of the original styling.To each there own.
  6. I've been with Grundy for the last 3 years, very reasonable,very few restrictions, easy to work with.
  7. The "headliner on the head" has been a problem for me also. My 99 F-150 4wd has been a great vehicle, a real workhorse. But the Ford and G.M. headliner's suck. Mine started drooping last year. The sunvisor's and dome light are holding it up. Had the same problem with a Mustang years ago. My 55 Old's 98 still has the original headliner,made to last.
  8. Liz did you get your steering wheel restored or buy a reproduction? Car looks great.
  9. Yes Greg 9,149 for just the convertibles. Have you called Fusick about the repro spinners?
  10. Looking good Liz. Are you going to put skirts on that lady?
  11. Bryson City N.C. My wife and I have traveled through that area the last several years and I've seen those old crushed cars many times. Good pic's Bob.
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