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  1. Please answer Steve's question. It may help you sell them. 1917 Oldsmobile Model 45, 7 pass. Cabriolet ( 1,226 Miles )
  2. I now have photos of the roller tappets on an SD disc but still need to find out how to put them on the web. I now have a partial manual for this car and have learned that this engine has a 20 to 25 percent improvement in horse power over the earlier cast iron engine. Does anyone know what is comparable to the 600 weight gear oil need for the tranny and differential?
  3. Further identifying information on the "supposed fuel injection". This unit is 8" long from front to back of air inlet and 6" tall from bottom of unit to where it mount to intake. It is made completely of brass and has a large round brass fuel bowl ( holds about a pint of fuel ) that is sealed top and bottom with a small valve on top with a flat spring tab that sits on and over the valve. The main body has ( 2 ) 1" diamater solid brass air mixture adjusting screws that have wire tension springs that engage around the perimeter of the caps in indentations around the caps and are located at the
  4. I have inherited a 1917 Olds Model 45 7 Pass Touring Cabriolet. It has been in closed/dark storage for 48 years. It's last owner purchased it in 1954. It was placed in storage in 1960. It was originally purchased by an Indianapolis Funeral Home for use as their limosine. The odometer reads 1,226 miles. It has beveled glass in the back window and a tilt steering wheel to aid driver entrance. This car has been appraised as a 69 pointer of 100 due to the fact that some racoons got through a hole in the storage and trashed the top and interior. Also due to the fact the engine had not been prepped
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