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  1. Hello Don, Please remember when selecting hubcaps for your DD-6 that the 1929-30 DA-6 and the 1930-31 DD-6 wood artillery wheel hubcap look the same on the front side but they are very much different on the backside. The DC-8 and the DD-6 hubcaps have two notches on the backside to facilitate the use on the hubcap wrench. Here are two images that will show you what I am talking about. If you mistakenly put DA-6 hubcaps on your DD-6 you could receive a nasty visit from the originally police
  2. Hello Don, John is correct in his picture. Here is what a properly restored DD-6 artillery wheel and hubcap should look like.
  3. Hello Graham, They did not set them down on their backing plates or they would have bent them all to hell. The shipping department would have fastened wooden blocks to the bottom of the crate to support the car under the axles, and then the axles were bolted down to the bottom of the crate sandwiching the blocks in between as to do no damage. The backing plates would have been 1/4" off the floor of the crate.
  4. Here are some Hupmobiles that just arrived on the docks in Wellington.
  5. Here is a Hupp six touring.
  6. From the length of the hood I would say it's a six, here is a 26 or 27 eight cylinder Hupp.
  7. The car is located thirty miles north of Spokane, Washington. The car is still looking for a good home.
  8. Hello Mr. Mobile, Going to Hershey this year is not an option, I attended the 1996 and 2000 Hershey Swap Meet. I have time on my side since the car I need the drums for is currently 2nd in line. Chances are if one was to find these drums at Hershey they would be still attached to a set of axles. Thank you for the advise.
  9. We know that the Dodge Brothers Eight-in-Line Marathon Car had a Phillco Transitone radio in it and from the looks of this close-up it appears that it had some early type of resistors mounted between the spark plugs and the wires. Can anyone shed any light on what company might have made them? Perhaps one of you might have an old one??
  10. This film footage was on E-Bay a few years back, does anyone know where it might have gone to?
  11. Yesterday I drug this front fender out of a barn in Idaho, according to the world 1932 Dodge Brothers DL-6 expert "Richard Taylor" it is from a 1932 Dodge Brothers DL-6. I haven't decided what I will ask for it yet but I suppose it will depend on the buyers attitude and how much money they have in the bank. It is for sale in nice condition and almost six feet long (it will not fit into a large USPS flat rate box). It is located thirty miles north of Spokane, Washington. Please contact me through the AACA mail system.
  12. Hello JP, The DC-8 was factory equipped with hydraulic brakes, matter a fact all Dodge Brothers cars had hydraulic brakes in 1930.