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  1. Hello Zeke, It looks just like a 12 ton Blackhawk that I have, if need be I can take a picture of mine. I purchased mine used at a estate sale 20 years ago and it just keeps on going and going, just like that pink bunny.
  2. Back in the 1990s my best friend's grandmother passed away and it was his job to go through her belongings. She had been a single girl during the 1920's and from all indications she did what she damn well pleased, the general term we use today would be that she was a Flapper. She was by no means a queer for she latter married a total of three times, her second husband was killed by the Mexican border police trying to smuggle goods into the country, the story I was told was they shot his plane down. My friend gave me a copy of the original story which I have and I have typed it out so it could be read easier. This isn’t the sort of thing that you would print in the church bulletin but I do believe that it captures the life style of some of the folks that lived in the roaring 1920’s. I knew my friend's grandmother and I have to say she was a real kick in the pants to know. You had to always be on guard for you never could know what she would say next. She was 100% unique and I miss her and my friend!! Mr. Ford in Detroit called up Miss Diana in New York and asked her if he could come over and see her Auburn Moon. She said: “No, this is Willys Knight” Ford said “For Chryslers sake” can’t I fly Overland and Whippet. That insulted Miss Diana. So she hung up and went back to the garage. She Dodged Nash’s Advanced Six and backed her Moon up to Jordan’s straight eight. So Jordan pulled back his Erskine then she wailed, “Jewett faster Jewett faster”. So he pushed his Pathfinder until she welted as tho hit by a Flint, then she backfired and both saw a Star. For a moment they were both on a Flying Cloud then all was Gray. Now Miss Diana is expecting a new baby Lincoln.
  3. This image was taken at the Pacific Automobile Show in San Francisco at the Civic Auditorium. If it was taken in 1930 then it would have to be space number 29 according to the attached images.
  4. Hello Mr Daguerre, The car is a 1919 or maybe a 1920 Cadillac, I truly don't know the difference.
  5. Hello Restorer32, Why shouldn't women be hung, they want equal rights. Give it to them!
  6. Hello Mark, The car is a 1929 or 1930 Chrysler four door sedan but I can't tell the model for sure, it looks like a CJ-6. As for the kid, that is Peter Jones who lived down the street from your grandparents, he's the little shit who used to throw the cats down into the outhouse hole. Your Grandfather used to talk about him all the time.
  7. Remember the old saying, "You get what you pay for" & "The communists are trying to kill us and take over the world". I enjoy my Lincoln jack stands!!! MADE IN THE USA!!!
  8. Hello Piston.Broke, The only cars in Australia that seem to have their serial numbers stamped on the frames are cars that came from Victoria. They have all been stamped on the left front portion of the frame directly behind the front frame horn casting. Please see the attached images. Of all the cars in OZ that I have had contact with none have had a factory frame number mainly because 99.9% of the Chrysler built cars that were imported into OZ were KDC or in other words "in pieces". I have even found the Budd bodied Dodge Brothers cars and the chassis that were sent over to become Richards bodied cars shared the same crates.
  9. Hello Narve & Dave, Removing the FEDCO plate should be the last resort but with many open cars it is the only way that they can ever be read. I have read many dozens of FEDCO serial number plates and a few fellows have removed them carefully and sent them to me from different parts of the US and Canada. On most of them, a little light glass bead blasting and they are much easier to read. Here are a few that I have read for people over the years, all of which have resulted in getting a build card from Chrysler. One thing I have done is to remove FEDCO plates from parts cars and clean and scan the front and back side at 2400 dpi and compile a collection of letters and numbers to assist myself in reading these plates.
  10. Hello Rick, I would say that the door is for sure a 1929 Chevrolet. Here are some pictures of some 1929 Chevrolet doors that I sold on e-bay many years ago. David
  11. Hello Leomara, I don't know that much about model 72 Chrysler roadsters except that they are very good looking automobiles but I do know that the 1931 Chrysler CD-8 roadster had a split front seat cushion (see attached image). At least the driver's side of the front seat had some adjustment but I can't speak for the passenger side. It could be that this feature went back to the model 72? Wish I could be of more help.
  12. Hello Guys & John, The above car is a 1931 DeSoto CF-8*. They used the same body as a 1930 CF-8 but they went to a ribbon radiator shell with a longer hood and I believe they all had chrome headlight buckets. These are very rare now days, I've had parts for one but have never seen a current survivor. Here is a image of a rumble seat coupe.
  13. Hello Kiwi-Buddy, Judging from the running boards I would vote for a mid-twenties Marmon.
  14. Back in 1979 my parents were visiting relatives in a little town in North Dakota, my Father met a friend of his uncle that had closed up a Gambles Auto Parts store in 1937. My Father purchased all of his dead stock that the old man had rat-holed in the basement of his laundry mat. This wheel puller along with his twin brother were part of the inventory. Just thought you guys might enjoy seeing this.
  15. Hello Danritz, What part of the planet do you reside on? A replacement frame is by far the best way to go and if you live in the Untied States there are bound to be some perverts fornicating one around somewhere. The biggest hassle is transport from where it's at to your location.