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  1. dc-8dave

    Dodge Victory Six

    Here is one from California also with a Budd body.
  2. dc-8dave

    Dodge Victory Six

    Here is another Budd bodied touring that is in Michigan, it was back at the 2014 meet.
  3. dc-8dave

    Dodge Victory Six

    Here is one that was sold new in New Zealand with a Budd body. It is still alive and well and on the road.
  4. This Car is still available, must sell.
  5. Hello Dave, The Budd wheel #20571 is a early production DD-6 wire wheel, Dave in Michigan needs three and I don't need any.
  6. 1978 Dodge Diplomat station wagon; my parents ordered this car new with a slant six and a four speed manual overdrive transmission. Currently it has 140,336 miles on the odometer but less than a thousand miles ago the motor was rebuilt and the four speed transmission was removed and sold, a freshly rebuilt automatic transmission was installed. We had an automatic station wagon parts car that donated all the necessary parts to make this look like a factory installation. There is no rust out that I can find but there is a couple of small dents right near the left tail light. It will need some work on the upholstery; originally it had the wood graining on the sides and around the rear. It is a very solid classy car with a lot of good use still in it, it comes with the shop manual and all the original paper work from it's purchase from the dealer. The car is located thirty miles north of Spokane, Washington. It also comes with extra glass and a few other bits. It runs great but the brakes need a bit of work. If you would like more information please feel free to contact me via the AACA mail system. The asking price is $1,595.00