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  1. (readers may want to look at previous post "Transmission Problem!? that this thread continues. hi Lou, Yes i have been reading the Allpar site and it has me thinking of several things. They talk about "bump shift" and need to update the computer software and "retraining" the transmission mentioned in a service update in 1995. If I am reading this right it is for later models and not the TC? Reading about the fluid for the transmission was confusing. Is it true that we used AFT 3 but now use the AFT 4. Does my problem of not going into overdrive at times possibly relate to getting the wrong fluid or anything else than a clogged solenoid $1000-$2000 job that the shop found? What about the parts upgrades that are discussed. Do I need them? thanks in advance for any advice. dave
  2. Hello TC Forum I thought it would be fun to tell my favorite TC stories and perhaps have members relate their amusing experiences with TC's. I think the confusion about what it is and any compliment is fun. I have two stories. A young lady recently said to me about my '91 Triple Black: "Wow, is that something new." This still makes my chest swell with pride (or was it male ego)and a smile crosses my face. The other story: I'm at a gas station and approached by a young man who, after looking at the TC curiously, said with excitement: "That's something? ...Isn't it?" He did not know what it was but it looked almost definitely special. That for me captures the essence of the car. One of the worst things you can tell a TC owner is: "It's based on the LeBaron and almost the same." Dave
  3. I did not mean to say no transmission computer device, just no codes
  4. Hi Lou, I followed the advice that you gave in the above comment and took it to Phil at Gilbralta who said to say hello. There were no transmission computer testing device and there were no codes. In checking it further he found that there is a sputter in the internal part of the transmission that engages the overdrive that includes a solenoid, I need all three motor mounts and a radiator. He said that there was transmission fluid leaking but the level is at full and not filled recently.
  5. I just checked and it was the TC Projects site that I used to repair the odometer. Here is the URL. http://www.chryslertcbymaseraticlub.com/memberProjects/jeffBackes/index.html Dave ______________________________ '91 Triple Black, 136,000
  6. To answer the above questions. I can't get back on the TC garage site anymore either. I used it before AOL discontinued it. I printed out the instructions for the odometer repair and have it somewhere. Perhaps it can be reconstructed. I don't have a scanner, but if someone is interested I would sent them a hard copy and perhaps they would be nice enough to post it. Turning to the transmission problem----yes, I have the V6 automatic in my '91. I forgot to mention that the problems going into overdrive is when it is warm-up and only sometimes. I was wondering if it has to do with the cable for the transmission shifter.
  7. When I put the car into drive it is delayed and then pops in and the car lurches a little. It has been the same way for several years and after fixing so many other things, I would like to get this fixed. Another perhaps related problem is worse. while driving the car does not go into forth gear and the rpm goes high. Someone told me it is related to the odometer, but I already fixed that (thanks to TC garage site. By the way, it always annoyed me that there is a gap between the automatic gear shifter where it meets the faux wood --where dirt collects. By accident I put a piece of a McDonald's coffee stirrer and it blended in and stays in and fills the gap precisely. If anyone cares, you need two or three of the stirrers and you need to break off the top and bottom, leaving the straight shank of it and cut or break it to size.
  8. You can bid for one that is on e-bay now. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/CHRYSLER-...sQ5fAccessories
  9. Lou, I finally got back to fixing the trunk release after a few weeks of garden work. I noticed that the truck light would go on and off as I wiggled the solenoid switch, so i put contact cleaner and white grease on the moving parts and the truck release problem was solved. I had water in the trunk in the past and the mechanism was rusted. It was not serviced in fifteen years, also. The onset of the problem was gradual. At first the truck release was not working eaily and then intermittently not working and finally, not at all. Dave
  10. Hello, I am having a different problem with the truck release. There is no sound and not releasing. Thanks, Dave '91 TC Triple Black '94 Infinity J30
  11. Hello, I am looking for the left turn-signal lens, the side-marker clear plastic lens. Does anyone have one and how much? Thanks, Dave '91 TC Triple Black P.S. Someone is selling on EBAY a new OEM tan convertible top still in the box, if anyone is interested. Also saw headlamps listed
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