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  1. Here's a couple pics of a friend's car. His Dad purchased it new and has all dealer paperwork. It is a 425 and is 100% original including the convertible top. Mileage in the 60s and NOT FOR SALE. Just thought I's share with you guys.
  2. Very standard car. Even the outside mirror is standard. Kinda weird that someone opted for the AM/FM and rear defogger but I've seen stranger combinations...
  3. Now there's a challenge. Install a factory AC system...lol.
  4. Very nice example of an early Gran Sport survivor car ! Thanks for sharing !
  5. The car was picked up here on Thursday and I received a phone call while shopping at the grocery store Saturday afternoon. It was the buyer's wife on the other line explaining that her husband was so excited that he couldn't talk. She was making the call to thank me for selling them the car and for the honest description of the car's originality. Now that's the news a seller looks forward to hearing. I am very happy that it found a good home and the best part is that they will be doing the mechanical updates and enjoying it in it's original state as a survivor. I have sent Roger this ROA link and he'll be checking in shortly. He's one heck of a nice guy so I know he will fit right in here and get a warm welcome.
  6. Thank you for the kind comments Lamar and Jason ! I talked with several potential bidders throughout the auction and they all felt that they were well informed. I even received emails from two other bidders that missed the high bid with similar comments. The car's new owner is on the east coast and I believe he is already an ROA member. Either way, I'll make sure he check you guys and this site out. This has been a fun experience especially hearing this car come back to life. Being able to drive this car even a few blocks brought back fond memories and the commitment to find another one to keep down the road.
  7. SOLD-SOLD-SOLD !!! A big thank you to all the fine Buick enthusiasts here for your comments and support.
  8. I recently went through the 1965 option list for a Riviera when I was trying to figure out some things on my car. The Gran Sport option was just that - GS option alone. From what I've seen over the years, most had the custom interior which also included the ribbed rocker moldings. Ribbed rocker molding package was also available as a seperate option away from the custom interior so this Colorado car could be correct. The seller could have been a lot more descriptive about this car and has mentioned almost nothing about it's past or present condition. I knew there was something about the color that didn't look right and the pearl white explains it. If the seller wanted to highlight this car then perhaps a set of whitewalls would have looked better then those rasied white letter tires ?
  9. WOW !!! A $ 14,000.00 drop in price !!!
  10. Thanks Mike ! Amazing how popular these '65 Rivieras are, but then, they have always been. My auction has been up and running for only about 14 hours and it has already had 411 lookers and a 43 watchers. I can only hope those watchers become bidders, huh ? Rich
  11. I just listed the '65 Gran Sport tonight and wish I didn't have to. Hope it finds a neew home with someone who loves these cars as much as we all do !!! Thank you all for your information, support and well wishes !!! Buick : Riviera Gran Sport in Buick | eBay Motors
  12. This car is like a magnet ! I keep getting drawn back and each time, I discover something new. The muffler, tailpipes and one over axle pipe are gone but what does remain appears, by the bends and clearance allowances, to be factory original with all muffler and pipe hangers in place. I'm also thinking that the lightly corroded silver shocks are the original pleasurizers too... I feel your pain Jason I too will forever regret having to sell this car !
  13. It is an optical illusion with the power steering belt coming into view near the crank pulley...
  14. Very well optioned car at a fair price... http://chicago.craigslist.org/chc/cto/3819407193.html
  15. A '65 Gran Sport that was advertised on ebay for $ 53,000.00 apparantly sold as the seller ended the auction as the car was no longer for sale. It was located in a north suburb of Chicago at a collector car dealer so maybe it was sold locally ? These '65s are on the rise once again...
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