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  1. Chuck, this is extremely helpful. Thank you! So, is it correct to call this rig a truck, versus a standard automobile?
  2. Thank you Terry and Craig! I believe Craig nailed it.
  3. This one has me stumped. It was taken in Whitehorse in the Yukon, reportedly between 1905-1907. I have a newspaper article about a 3-seated, 12-passenger motor surrey that arrived in Dawson in 1901, but have no idea who made it. Perhaps this is a photo of it. Any ideas what it is?
  4. ...and if so, any idea what year and/or model? Taken near Juneau, Alaska. Thanks!
  5. I love winter! Sadly, we've had above-freezing temperatures for days in Fairbanks, Alaska and most of our snow has melted. Global warming.
  6. Thank you, Ron. I asked the owner of the photo where it was taken, and he guessed Long Island. I wonder what happened to it.
  7. 1937Packard - Here's the story we pieced together on our Henderson: http://fountainheadauto.blogspot.com/2014/07/a-dose-of-hendersons.html
  8. I had ruled out Kissel and Daniels, but Revere sounds promising. Thank you!
  9. Received this one by email today, supposedly taken in 1928 but no location was given. Help?
  10. 1937Packard - Yes, a farrier converted it into a truck for his business.
  11. I think the 1898 Hay Motor Vehicle in our museum qualifies as a prototype. Inventor Walter Hay certainly intended to make more, but he had a falling out with his funder, Emerson Hotchkiss, before he could work out the kinks in his flawed 4-cylinder, 8-cycle, engine design and produce more. Interestingly, Hay's granddaughter believes at least two more of these automobiles were made and driven, but we have found no evidence that Walter Hay made more than one, and we certainly can't get this one to run without eating itself alive. We're curious if this is the oldest American-made, 4-cylinder, gasoline-powered car still known to survive?
  12. Here are some screen shots of a July 27, 1972 article about the museum in the Schenectady Gazette. The only other mention I was able to find on-line was a listing of the museum's hours in the May 30, 1977 issue of New York Magazine. I found a reference to "the late Timothy O'Connell" of Schutze Street in Canajoharie, so I suspect the one I'm looking for has passed.
  13. Thank you, Dave! I will send him a letter. Cheers, Nancy
  14. Does anyone remember the Golden Age Auto-Carriage Museum in Palatine Bridge, NY that belonged to a collector named Timothy O'Connell? All I have been able to find is a July 27, 1972 article about the museum's opening. O'Connell had a 1910 Everitt that might be the same one that's now in our museum.
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