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  1. Cool find. That thing is all sorts of neat looking. It looks like a '53 Stude, P1800, Mustang, and 240Z mashed into one. Before even seeing it was to be your car, I got a Amphicar vibe from it as well between the nose, stance, and top. Just don't take this one in the water.
  2. Unfortunately many saw that fate, and I hear it isn't cheap to put in a split window.
  3. Two cars I love, but the Mark II is the way to go. You got the unique touches and elegance.
  4. Thanks for the kind words guys. Trying to hold off on this as long as possible, but space is an issue and it seems like scrapping it could be in the future unless a buyer turns up. If that happens dashboard is likely to wind up a wall hanger. The whole front nose would be cool too.
  5. That's great you decided on going forward with this. The history is definitely an added touch, and it's only got 25 years before it has been in your family and yours alone for a whole century. My dad still has his first car, a '40 Plymouth, and my grandmother has a '61 Impala sedan bought new. Both I'm hoping to get some day, and while a full restoration probably isn't in the cards, having them as drivers will be more than suitable.
  6. Looking forward to seeing this coming to fruition
  7. Any pics of the Camaro? A Catalina convertible is definitely cooler though.
  8. The crate engine is basically an advertisement on the show. The whole 350 SBC thing is definitely overdone and unless you plan on replacing it every few years with the new FI motor then it does come off as bland. I'm sure Foose knows that the car would be better with a Rocket 350 or 455. Some people are still into Flatheads, so with the capabilities of SBC I'm sure they will remain common for a long time to come. I get the "go with what you have" thing when it comes to people using SBC, but that doesn't work with a true restoration. Reliability can be had staying within any big three make. Th
  9. I will start stripping it this weekend, so last chance for whole thing or let me know if any specific parts are needed.
  10. Should be a cool shoot. Hope to see pictures. As far as a new car ad, it's not like anything Lincoln makes now is anywhere near as good as those classics or even a convertible. Give us a stretched Mustang in two different stylings, suicide door Continental sedan and Mark IX coupe/convertible.
  11. That's a '46 Buick, but cool regardless along with Caddy, Rampside, and is that a Merc flower car? If you want another Corvair junkyard tour come to Texas atleast before my dad scraps his.
  12. Very cool, but needs some pics of cars next to each other with plates. I wonder what cars they were on before.
  13. Just make sure too many leaves don't get inside the car.
  14. Good luck on the top, and as said it looks fine with current paint.
  15. Found someone about to scrap a 1990 Jaguar XJ6 and I've heard that the front and rear ends can be good used in other cars. I was just more about these cars and their parts values and how good the front and rear ends work in other cars. Interior is great, new alternator, computer is supposedly fried but everything mechanically was said to be good, alloy wheels including spare missing one center cap, black paint but top/hood/trunk is faded, excellent tan leather interior, grill has crack it in, etc. Do the wheels share a bolt pattern with other makes? Also, do they have 700r4s or do those just m
  16. W-34 option 1968-70 was a 400 HP version of the 455. W-34 option was a GT in 1970. I think Hemmings referred to it as the only FWD muscle car.
  17. Like the banner in the picture says, tell him to "just show me the carfax"
  18. I love boat tail Rivieras, but that's a crazy price on the '73. Maybe it's a fresh 1970 numbers Stage 1 in there and they promised to change out the bumpers. Might even have some money under the seat.
  19. Old Car Price Guide is probably the best guide out of those three. Besides being a GM coupe I like these for being a throwback to the Cord. Do many Cord owners have one of these? These cars may do better in the future, but they will never be up there with a Cord.
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