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  1. From what I've heard in the past, 1. 1973 Imperial Lebaron 2. 1976 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham 3. 1978 Lincoln Continental Town Car
  2. Some cool cars, Holden Utes are still around too. Unfortunately the new El Camino or G8 ST hasn't came out here.
  3. Some very cool dashes. What year is that Zephyr, and has anyone ever kept the lines and flowed them into a console? THe '38 Olds is certainly innovative for the time '60 Imperial, quite the opposite of a phallic symbol Imperials do have some cool dashes especially with the luminescent lighting I also like the '59 Chevys and '68-69 Ford Ranchero/Fairlanes. Hard to pick a favoritre though.
  4. 200,000? I might have believed it if it said 1,000.
  5. If it were running and driving with new fluids, brakes, tires, and belts...$5k. As is, probably closer to $1k. Interior looks decent and patina is alright as well. To many it's a car just for the motor and even to Chrysler fans it's a parts car for a hardtop or convertible. I think it is cool looking and would make an excellent cruiser as is maybe with some clear coating.
  6. I really like the 71/72 rear bumper. The front isn't that big of a deal since I really like these split bumpered in the front. I do also prefer the better compression in a 71. Personally I like these better than the earlier Rivieras and am surprised they're not more popular.
  7. Truly a shame, a '73 Riviera is a modern enough car to be used all the time, and it certainly will look and feel better than most new cars. Oh well.
  8. A Batmobile replica or even a tribute is big on my want list. The bad things about BJ is the stigma it puts on rusted out clunkers people think are worth as much as cars on TV and non-car guys getting in on it for investments. Luckily all those million dollar Bel Airs, Hemis, etc aren't going to bring anywhere near what they did in 2006 which will scare off a lot from investing. I'd like to hear more though about the history of investing in automobiles. I guess really though like anything else it goes second hand to collecting. I'm sure even in the 50s people started seeing the value in ACD,
  9. Either will be a nice driver, but people still weren't driving there cars as much back in the 80s. Styling definitely goes to the 80s, but performance and other creature comforts will probably lend more to the later models. I know a guy with a low model SC late model, but besides that and one other 79-85 besides mine I don't see very many around. I don't think I've ever seen a 74-78 in person. I'm still on the hunt for the right '71.
  10. In my dreams I'd have a Burj Kalifa tall building with a 40x40 Guggenheim inspired car museum with the VW style lifts with a waterfall and river that flows out to the Pacific that I can get to my yatch in my Amphicar or I could take the Aerocar, and I'd also have the penthouse with furniture based on cars and atleast one whole car.
  11. Good decision. It's a nice survivor and should stay that way.
  12. That's a shame, it looked nice. A couple years ago my dad scrapped a very nice '89 Crown Vic that was a low mile one owner car because it was ran low on fluids and got hot.
  13. The engine change is going to hurt it alot and also should be cause for concern due to replacement after 2 years with the car only having 15k miles. Was the 383 new? Why would one get rid of a 440/6 to go to a 383 if not a 225 or 340.
  14. Nice to see one of these get some recognition. That's cool about the van.
  15. Good to hear you've got another classic and you will still be able to see the Rambler. Any pictures of your daily driver that was painted up like this?
  16. Try the Cadillac Lasalle Club as well and include any identifying features or serial numbers if you have/remember them.
  17. I've got a 1981, not sure if they're the same though.
  18. Who else has seen this one before?
  19. If the mileage is original and it's in mechanically good condition, it could be a good driver. It looks like with a little work it could be fairly nice. Make sure the windows are working though because obviously the passenger side was left down at some point. A red carpet and front bucket isn't a huge deal, but the major factor will be if the back seat is bad which will likely require a reupholster. Being that it's definitely not convertible weather up there I'm sure a good deal could be reached.
  20. I think there may be a 1976 Nova sedan here local for sale. I will look into it.
  21. Cool story. I wonder what happened with the car and Coast Tires as well.
  22. It can always be painted back to a stock color, but a Ford truck is by no means rare and it's for a godo cause on both ends, so go for it.
  23. Yeah, probably useless. I'll haul it away for free. Anyway this is a tough one cause both are great choices. I'd probably stick with the Buick unless there's a bunch of missing parts and you want to start with something more complete.
  24. I like it better, except for the tail lights. While I like the tail lights of the factory '62, I prefer that combo on an Impala.
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